I There aren’t many nationals parks in Nigeria and

I would love to travel to Nigeria. would you ? nigeria is one of the most famous counties located in africa its the 32nd largest nation in the world. In addition Nigeria is often called “giant of Africa” because of the size , population, & economy. Nigeria share land with four countries  chad, niger, benin, and cameroon. Abuja is the capital city of nigeria. What makes nigeria one of my favorite countries that’s located on the west coast are the people that’s in it because of their kind hearts and intelligence. The people of nigeria are known as nigerian. There are at least 250 languages spoken in Nigeria. Above on Nigeria’s southern mountains the slopes are covered by heavy rain forest. Green plants grow everywhere broken by flashes of color flowers this is the home of rare western lowland gorillas once thought to extinct in Nigeria.its landscapes makes it ideal for a plants and animals. Many species live nowhere on earth. There aren’t many nationals parks in Nigeria and not much space with humans has left many species on endangered list many years ago Nigeria savanna’s teemed with giraffes, elephants , lions , and cheetahs. But today most of these animals have been killed by hunters. The niger benue river makes up Nigeria most outgoing region. The tropical monsoon climate designated by the koppen climate classification as “Am” is found in southern part of the country. It’s determined from the south Atlantic Ocean. The tropical has very little temperatures. As we can say Nigeria’s history is so what similar to ours. The history of Nigeria , they have a form of federal government which means that it divides up power between a strong national government and smaller local government. A federal government also has three branches which are “legislative, executive, and judicial”. Nigeria has won independence from Britain in 1960 it has suffered through corrupt leaders and occasional military rule. 1999 Niger has adopted a new constitution Nigeria is the most important country politically and economically in west Africa. It is richer than others and west African nations and holds considerable power. On the other hand Nigeria’s most important export is oil more than half is carried out to the United States. Rubber and cacao ( for chocolate and cocoa). Added to that they have important export products as well. 2,000 years ago the town of nok in central Nigeria was once the home of Africa. Archaeologists have found many of their clay carvings. Before the nok culture ancient people in Nigeria began making stone tools and eventually learned how to keep animals. Many Africans become victims of the European slave trade. Mostly everyone lost their freedom. The British defeated many Nigeria friable kingdoms and created the colony of Nigeria they ruled the country until 1960 Adesoji becomes the first Nigerian and first African to appointed governor before Nigeria got independence. October 1st Nigeria Independence Day zik becomes the first indigenous Governor General. At Independence Nigeria consisted of three ethnic states united in a federation each states was controlled by a single dominant. The education in Nigeria is a six years in  primary school three years in secondary school three years in senior secondary school and four years in tertiary center. The education is 13 years and broken into primary schools runs for 7 or 8 years beginning at at kindergarten. Secondary school runs for 3 or 4 years or 7 to 10. Senior secondary schools runs for 2 years 11 and 12. Education is to be free although most states owned centers for their kids to purchase their books and uniforms something which may be impossible for the poorest people. During the 3 years of secondary school is finally cost for the next generation in nigeria The government has choose education as a system for a development and largely controls it. There are 27 universities and 13 technical colleges that evolved since independence. The few of instruction is English and the educational year runs from October to September. This country has 527 languages , 7 are extinct , 6 largest groups are hausa and fulani in the jnorth , the lgbo in the southeast , and the yoruba predominate in the southwest efik- lbibiu , and ijaw of the south. Lgbo culture include lgbo people visual art music and dance forms as well as their atlire cuisine and languages   I love the food that’s eaten in  nigeria. Meals are based and starchy staple in the southern parts this can be made from maize , corn yams , cassava , manioc or platains. For example i have tried their spicy food , it’s one of my favorites it is called cassava leaf and rice in america. But they have a lot more food. Which are called tuwo sinkafa. Tuwo sinkafa is made by soft rice and spicy sauce. Another is called the party jollof rice it taste different from any other rice. They also have a delicious breakfast called akara and pap its beans cake. One of there snacks they like to eat is called soli and groundnut.