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I am writing to ask for your confirmation that I have properly completed my audience analysis for a response to Lyn Smith’s complaint to Globe Airlines.I recognize that my supervisor, Rita Simmons, is the initial audience and the gatekeeper because she assigned me the task of drafting a response and will give it her final approval.Lyn Smith is identified as the primary audience of my letter. From the information given in her complaint, I recognize that she is a middle-aged woman with a family. From the tone of her complaint, Ms. Smith is not that well educated. She is a caring and emotional person. She is willing to negotiate with others and seek solutions to problems. Therefore, the response to Ms. Smith should explain details in a direct way and demonstrate our sympathy for her situation. Although using a sympathetic tone will give Lyn Smith the You-emphasis she expects, she will probably receive the message negatively, especially given her emotional response, if Globe does not satisfy her requests. To avoid her negative response, I recommend keeping a positive tone throughout the letter by situating good news first and delivering negative information clearly and honestly. In order to contact Lyn Smith with a sympathetic and positive tone, I think the best method would be via phone as tone can often be misrepresented in an email. In addition, I recommend that an email should be accompanied by the phone call to ensure that her complaint is documented for Globe.    The secondary audience would be Lyn Smith’s lawyers if the situation becomes more serious. To cope with this potential audience, the draft of the email and the phone call should be carefully analyzed to ensure that Globe is not admitting to any legal responsibility.      The watchdog audience would be any person with whom Lyn Smith share her experiences. To reduce the spread of any negative impression, the response to Lyn Smith both via email and phone must show that Globe really cares about her and understands her situation.Please let me know your thoughts on my analysis, and any feedback would be greatly appreciated.