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I feel honored that I am a military kid, because by just knowing that my parents are working hard and diligently to protect the country we all know and love, I can really appreciate all the military has done for us to ensure our safely. Even though you might comprehend that there may be some disadvantages of being a military child, I can assure you that there are tons more advantages than you think, like being able to master calculating time differences or acquiring a Happy Birthday message from your family members a day early. Being a military child can also have tremendous advantages sometimes, like for example, you are skilled in the art of knowing military time and having everything where you live, like grocery stores, schools and sports. You also have gyms for kids to play basketball, and swimming pools. And we have a PX store that you can buy clothes and other things like household products. Unfortunately, for every advantages there are of something, there are disadvantages as well, like when your parents work late and don’t come home until late hours and you don’t see them in the morning or all night. Another one is that when your parents have to deploy for one or two years, and you have to live with someone else. Also, your parents usually  miss all of your soccer and hockey games, and even miss other milestones that are undoubtedly important to you, but the critical thing to apprehend is that your parents are really doing this because of their appreciation for this country and for you, the child, because they serving our country to provide you food, or convey you clothes, and even entrust you to do the hobbies and extracurricular activities that you find satisfactory. Being a military child is somewhat like being a part of an elite club. Military kids are in a special position where we meet someone one day in the United States, and either never see them again in your life or you may bump into that person again years down the road, when you’re both living in a place like Germany. It’s astonishing when you remember exactly who they are, and you are able to see how they have changed over the years.