I, labor migrants would have an informed migration. I,

I, Mahdi Hasan, am writing this letter of intent to the graduate admission committee for the master of Communication Studies at Minnesota State University, Mankato. My motivation to study Communication Studies was derived from the course call ‘Sociological History of Islam’ during my post-graduate coursework at the University of Dhaka. The inclusive syllabus of the program provided me a deep lesson of the administrative systems of various regimes. But I feel that the particular subject actually provoked my intellectual hunger for a better understanding of the social communication, administration and communication formulation system which help government and concerning authority to take control over unwanted maladjustments. Truly speaking I want to complement my understanding on how states of the world make communication to govern their people and how these communication policies are changed on the requirement of time.

My motivation to study communication as a graduate program was linked with my experiences with a project called ‘Fairer Labor Migration (FLM) in Bangladesh’. The purpose of this project is ensuring fair recruitment system in the field of labor migration from Bangladesh. As part of my job, I was required to communicate with migrant’s family and to investigate how their family members are concerned about their protection. Interestingly, I found that scarcity of a set of efficient communication strategies is making nearly 2.8 million migrants workers pray of reduced labor rights and humanitarian assistance. In addition to workplace vulnerability, migrant workers are constantly threatened of the safety of their family, they have left them in Bangladesh. Working with different NGOs and related stakeholders I got to know that the state of fear and workplace vulnerability can be mitigated by developing a set of communication strategies. Most importantly, I feel, it is crucial to develop a detailed strategy book and a mechanism of practical training so that the potential labor migrants would have an informed migration. I, particularly, want to develop a detail strategy book as well as a system to provide training for the migrants. Thus to complement my target and to develop my potential to be an efficient researcher I need an advanced degree in communication studies which will not just help me achieving my goal but also will contribute in my personal development as well. Before I fixed up my mind, I had a through observation regarding my capacity and alternative way to solve my problems. But as there is no options to have specialized advanced communication skills here in Bangladesh, I am applying for the Communication Studies (MA) Graduate Program at Minnesota State University, Mankato. I believe, upon completion of the intended degree, it will be much easier for me to conduct my research, especially, the field work rapport building strategies. I am confident that the degree will get me a strong advanced interpersonal communication skills indeed to become an effective researcher.

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Anyway, people become fascinated about things when they identified an effective desire inside them. As a citizen of over populated country I witnessed many phenomena related with governing body, social structure and traditions which provoked my hunger to study History, it is a branch of core experiences of our predecessors. The fascinating course study and field assignment during my bachelors and masters enriched me to understanding research methods later motivated me to join as research assistant at Refugee and Migratory Movements Research Unit (RMMRU). Generally, it wasn’t easy task for me, especially with insufficient communication skills, but gradually I started recovering my lacking often by consulting with my lead researchers as well as colleagues. The hurdle in the way of being a successful professional researcher motivated to enroll in such a degree which will get me to accomplish as an ultimate social researcher in Bangladesh.

When I started searching for better alternatives of getting a degree in communication studies I found the name Minnesota State University. Quickly I feel interested by the course content this university offers in their communication studies department. To get into more insight regarding the MA program, immediately I found the course content really interesting. Specifically the courses like, ‘Perspective in Culture and Communication, Advanced Interpersonal Communication’ and ‘Seminar in Communication Theory, I think the course Perspective in Culture and Communication’ really fascinated me. Especially, the course Modern Rhetorical Criticism would enable me to become a well-rounded researcher and a comprehensive thinker.

I believe, MA-Communication Studies degree offered by Minnesota State along with excellent faculties and diverse student bodies will enrich my target to become a proficient researcher and an efficient communicator.