I have been established by cultures around the world.

I have always had a fascination with law. It is a concept that has its origins in the earliest forms of society and it has been developed and adapted constantly until the present day. There are different interpretations of law that have been established by cultures around the world. Even within our western democratic system different aspects of law govern our everyday lives in such areas as crime and punishment, family, commercial and employment matters.

Some aspects of law are based on ancient principles of what is right and wrong. Others are being developed daily to deal with new situations in modern life. For example the new regulations governing the use of drones are something we never had to consider until very recently. They are necessary to protect our safety, property and security and I have found it interesting how these have developed.

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I have embarked upon a number relevant A level courses in order to ready myself for a further qualification and hopefully a career in the subject.

Studying History in the first instance has helped me to develop arguments, conduct wider research and analyse evidence from such books as ‘The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich’. This chronicles a complex and critical time from the world’s recent past. Understanding the issues and reasons behind the actions and reactions of countries, groups and individuals has been a great challenge.  Furthering my study into Year 2 we have covered ‘Protest, Agitation, and Parliamentary Reform’. This has helped to widen my understanding of the development of the democratic, political and legal system that underpins today’s society.

I have also enjoyed studying Politics. This has allowed me to improve my background knowledge of the process behind law-making.  The subject has also enhanced my skills of questioning and arguing a point of view. I have studied the UK Supreme Court system as one of my topics. In this I have looked at appeals, case law, and the ‘Rules of the Court’. I have looked at the process judges follow and what powers they have, for example in the protection of civil liberties. In addition to this I have also read the autobiographies of Tony Blair, David Cameron, George W Bush and Bill Clinton, all of which have allowed me to examine at the highest level, decision making and its legal context. This extension of my reading base has further broadened my understanding of, and interest in, the systems of not only the UK but other countries as well. 

 My Psychology course has given me a great insight into the complexity of human beings. From studying controversial topics such as maternal deprivation and the ‘Stanford Prison Experiment’, I have been given a fantastic look into the behaviour of people. This will aide me in the study of law as it has no bias for or against any individual; and that the human mind should be perfectly free to act within the law that governs us. During the early 20th century, psychology was just emerging as a science. The way in which the subject was studied and researched became very controversial and so laws were introduced along with codes of conduct and ethical practice by the ‘British Psychological Society’.

I am also currently undertaking an EPQ which discusses the issues and impacts associated with ‘The Arab Spring’. To support this, I am looking at the historical context in the Middle East and its geo-political situation over the ages. The years of conflict along with the current economic, social and religious turmoil is very complex. The future for the people and countries of the Middle East is uncertain, but the subject is fascinating.

From my EPQ I have developed my independent analysis techniques. This has required language skills to aid my research. I am bilingual, speaking Arabic and English fluently. This has helped me to evaluate arguments and gather relevant information from different sources and viewpoints.

In order to gain a first-hand experience of working within law, I obtained work experience and shadowed a local principle solicitor at the legal service of Northumberland County Council. My work involved legal administration as well as accompanying and assisting solicitors at court. After viewing a number of prosecutions, I had a chance to speak with other various legal professionals which widened my knowledge of the basic functioning of court and its daily business. It also gave me the opportunity of working with and observing people with careers in the subject I am interested in.

Overall I feel I have a passion for law. I want to understand more about its fundamental basis, complexities and new developments through my further studies. I have tailored my A levels to suit my future studies and I have broadened my knowledge through extra research and practical experience. I hope this comprehensive approach has readied me for the work ahead.