I building projects, increasing the level of workers morale

I – IntroductionAccording to Guffey & Almonte (2010), communication has long been a method for connecting people by transmitting information or meanings from one individual or more to others. And the phrase “Communication Technology” (CT), which give access to data through broadcast communications, but basically centers on technology, alludes to all hardwares and programs that are utilized to handle and sharing datas, such as: web, wireless network, cell phone, computer and other digital media, has been described as “electronic systems used for communication between individuals or groups” (“QFinance”, 2011). In a decade from 2004 to 2014, the usage of computers, internet, social media and cloud services had risen from 51.4% to approximately 75% (Matthew Zerafa, “ICT usage and e-Commerce survey in enterprises”, 2016). The figure shows the fact that various organizations across the world has been having the trend of using technology in their economic strategy. This research will discuss about the concernments and reveal the impacts of CT in the development of business.II – Discussion of findings    1 – Usage of CT in commerceIn the present, CT is being utilized under numerous forms by groups for a extensive range of intentions. Those intentions could be maintaining powerful stage of communication among the staff, sending marketing verbal exchange messages to current and capability clients, measuring the level of client pride, making sales, carrying out team building projects, increasing the level of workers morale and so on.Technology establishes an environment including data, internet protocol and voice networks can be blended to clarify commercial enterprise communication. With a properly performed plan, an organization can make cost saving and increase on its rate of manufacturing. That would be such a big advantage if organizations plan and manage their communication technology well. Karehka Ramey (2012) cited that an enterprise owner can use video teleconference to keep a meeting up with their personnel. This could save much more time because they got many other profitable roles which could affect to business growth. Additionally business managers can use technology to control and assign tasks to employees using email. We can see that technology in commercial enterprise can result into improved manufacturing.Moreover, follow Parsons and Oja (2013), online booking service is one of the most commonly used function of CT on tourism and hospitality sector. Almost big travel companies or even medium and small sized have their own website with live-reservation functionality. Indeed, the number of enterprises that have website for accommodation and food service activities, transport and communication reached 91.4% out of all over the world (Matthew Zerafa, “ICT usage and e-Commerce survey in enterprises”, 2016). They used CT to advertise their products, not only encourage clients to use online services but also provide considerable cost saving priorities for them by some promotions otherwise would have to spent more resources in manual manner. Anyway, according to Mihalic and Buhalis (2013), some tourism and hospitality companies had successfully brought CT into “the sources of competitive advantage”, while opportunities provided with the aid of CT are yet to be used by others.Besides, the graph explored by IGD Research in 2010 shows that the food and grocery marketplace’s dimensions in UK has been increasing steadily with year-on-year growth fluctuating in the period from 1999 to 2010. The main reason is online sellers are not oppressed by their store size, because online services are convenient and flexible. Customers just need to “click the mouse” and wait for the advisor on hotline. The retailers used CT like that so they could handle the offers as much as they can, effectively.However, mentioned CT without social network is a big deficiency. Facebook and Twitter have been the two most popular social network for 8 years with the statistic that no less than 4 billion users and a half of them log on everyday. Various well-known companies have succeeded in viral advertising by using social network. For example, Tesco, Barclays, Samsung, and even Facebook themself maintain their own pages to keep in touch with customers and advertise new products.With the development of technology and internet, business become much easier than ever. There are others usage of CT in commerce but let’s go to the next section to figure out how would CT affect the commerce.    2 – Impacts of CT in the development of commerceCT is one of the most important determining factors for the increase of e-commerce. The growth of e-commerce requires reliable access to modern technology that is commonly missing in most developing economies. CT’s relevance in the growth of e-commerce can’t be overemphasized because it integrates all communication channels including phones, computers, internet for us to apply in ordinary life.CT has brought a major paradigm shift in e-commerce in the whole world. It has made access to buying and selling of goods and services much less complicated.it is also a tool that helps in improving communication amongst organizations and commerce activities in extraordinary components of the world. In fact, CT is so usually used in commerce field to communicate various financial matters including attractiveness of money, producing receipts and transferring finances that CT and e-commerce have become nearly tantamount terms.CT has help business organisations in cost savings by using something like VoIP instead of normal telephone, e-mail instead of post, video conferencing instead of travelling to meetings, e-commerce websites instead of sales catalogues. Access to larger, even worldwide, markets. Web sites can be seen from all parts of the world and orders can be taken wherever there is a compatible banking system to process payments, such as credit or debit card, paypal, bank transfer facility.CT enhance efficiency in e-commerce by provide access to new markets or services which in turn create new favourable condition for income generation that can lessen poverty, improve governance, improve per capita income, and reduce unemployment. Through the help of CT, e-commerce can reduce the delivery time by using efficient integrated computer systems which allows buyers to browse a wide selection of goods and services from their home. As a result, e-commerce became the cheapest means of doing business since costs of trading are lower and there is savings on staff, premises and storage of goods and services.III – Conclusion