I hail from a small
town called Pondicherry, situated in the South of India. Having grown up during
an era when computers were gradually developing, I had a fascination for them.
My first low-budget computer with a dial-up internet connection needed periodic
repair.  Poor after sales services in my
town came as a blessing in disguise. Soon my curiosity built up and I started
repairing and optimising my computer using the minimal information that I could
get from the internet. The same curiosity made me learn and write small malware
scripts to pull pranks on my friends. Gradually as my knowledge over this
subject grew, I also learnt to detect and counteract real-world hazardous
malware, unlike the ones I made for fun. I could find and remove a popular
virus program called Khatra.exe from my computer all by myself after I figured
out how it worked. I also created a batch shell script to remove this virus and
passed it on to my friends who had been affected by this virus. This made me
proud and content. I started reading and watching various hacking techniques
and concepts over the internet. I became the person whom my friends would
approach, if they had a problem with their computers. Ever since, my interest
in computers, networks and ‘finding another way in’ has been growing and I
aspired to become a cyber security engineer.

I pursued this
interest with a Bachelor’s in Information Technology, which gave me
opportunities to learn languages such as C, C++, JAVA, PHP, SQL, HTML, CSS,
Visual Basic, etc. I developed a web-based File sharing portal, with user
access control to store and retrieve study notes between students and faculty.
This was a successful PHP-Mysql project that earned me the highest grade. Soon,
I was elected as the Student Placement Coordinator, during which I developed a
web portal to automate placement training and processes.

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Thereafter, I
started my career in Alight solutions (previously Aon Hewitt) as a setup
configuration specialist. My role as a tester is to detect and resolve issues
in a proprietary benefits administration system. The last 2 years in my role
has helped me develop competencies such as analytical skills, decision-making
ability, attention to detail and ability to work in a team, which would also be
a significant set of skills required for my career in cyber security. My hard
work has been appreciated with three awards for exemplary performance. I have
also secured a rating of ‘4 – Exceeds expectation’ in my performance
evaluation. Even though I have been putting in my full effort at my job, my
curiosity and interest in ethical hacking has driven me to spend all my evenings
and weekends in learning various ethical hacking concepts and developing skills
in this field. Therefore, I decided to specialize in these aspects by pursuing
an academic course in cyber security, which would enable me to take these
competencies to a higher level. 

Canada is one of
the strongest economies in the world, and Canadians enjoy a high standard of
living, as well as an internationally renowned educational system. The Canadian
economy embraces cyberspace, with most of its citizens relying on the internet
for banking, tax filings, etc. The consistent growth in Canadian software
industry has created a high demand for cyber security professionals. Canada is
the fourth-largest innovation hub in the world for cyber security. Many cyber
security ventures in Canada such as the Herjavec group and Fire Eye Inc., have
investigated some of the world’s most high-profile data breaches, including
those suffered by Yahoo! Inc. and Sony Pictures Entertainment Inc. A recent
article published by Financial Post shows that Canadian businesses and
governments are starting to come on the radar of the world’s most threatening
cyber criminals, with data thefts and extortion attempts on the rise and that
cyber-security professional with exceptional skills are in high demand now.
Hence, the need for cyber security professionals in Canada is on the rise and
will continue to be, in the coming years. Good scope for cyber security
engineers, high standard of living at substantially lower costs, bilingual
nature of the country and its quality education made Canada my choice in
pursuing cyber security studies.

Conestoga college
has a 50-year history and its vivid location in Ontario will grant me a great
opportunity to find a job that suits my career. The curriculum of the computer
security courses fit all my needs. The college’s diverse international students
would give me the best multi-cultural exposure. All these benefits combined
with the distinguished reputation of Conestoga college has made it my obvious
choice. Through this course, I aspire to pursue a successful career in cyber
security and I strongly believe that Conestoga college will be my gateway to
secure a cyber security oriented job in Canada.