I and helps you to cope with day-to-day challenges.

I asked my Thai friend Aoey if
she could take me to a place in Rangsit that is not commonly visited by
tourists but is important to her. She took me to her fitness studio where she
works out daily and introduced me to her Muay Thai trainer who offered us a
free Thai boxing class. In the beginning it was very hard to communicate
because the trainer was not able to speak or understand English. However, after
Aoey did some translations and taught me the most important words in Thai I was
able to make sense of his instructions. The Thai boxing class was a unique
experience and the perfect way to experience the real Thai culture. I asked her
why she choose this place and why Muay Thai is important to her. She explained
to me that Muay Thai is the national sport of Thailand and that it is an important
part of Thailand’s culture. According to Aoey is Muay Thai not only a great
full body workout but it strengthens your mentality as well and helps you to
cope with day-to-day challenges. It builds up your warrior spirit so you are
given strength to persist difficult moments and overcome adversity.
Furthermore, it teaches you to adapt quickly to various situations quickly,
which will help you to cope with stress and stay calm in stressful situations.

After the Thai Boxing class Aoey took
me to a Thai food market. She told me that foreign people barely come here
because they do not know about the typical Thai food places and usually visit
more touristy places. In fact, I have never been to this place even though it
is so close to the place we live. Indeed, I can say after my stay in Thailand that
I have enjoyed the local food places much more than the typical tourist spots.
In most cases, they are not only a lot cheaper but also much better and more
authentic. Aoey told me that Thai people always do their grocery shopping at
these food markets or street food stalls and not at grocery stores. You can see
the locals walking around with bags of cooked rice, noodles or curries. Since
there is a great variety of cheap meals at food markets most Thai people do not
cook theirselves. Eating in Thailand is something like a social activity, where
people share their meals with coworkers or friends. Street food is a very
unique and important part of Thailand’s culture.

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