Hypertension it may worsen in the future so that

Hypertension is one of the
chronic disease that I concern the most currently. Because my mother is already
suffered from it for a long time. Until now she still need to control her high
blood pressure through the drug. There are lots of complications of
hypertension, such as heart attack, stroke and aneurysm. The high blood
pressure causes the outstanding organ to bears the biggest burden of the accelerated
attack which is the heart 1. Hypertension cannot be completely cured; the blood pressure can be
controlled by those antihypertensive drug. Moreover, it also can be through
changing the habits of daily life to make a better adjustment. The prevalence
of hypertension was 34% in Macau and it is similar to the United States (30%)
and United Kingdom (31%) 2. Moreover, the prevalence of hypertension in Macau
in 2012 has increased when it is compared with 2006 (28%) and is comparable with
prevalence rates in developed countries 3. It means that we should concern
more about the tendency of Hypertension in Macau because its rate keeps
increasing, even higher than United States and United Kingdom. Hence, it may
worsen in the future so that it is an acute problem for Macau government which
need to deal with it in diverse ways. In addition, preventing its risk factors
is one of the significant element for decreasing such a situation. Education
can help preventing the risk factors, such as health promotion. Therefore,
Macau government should schedule some policies and programs in order to improve
citizens’ awareness to hypertension.