However, of what they are really doing and only

However, they are worth to mention because these are the questions relatively sane Muslim people like to ask. It is a common argument among them that the real leaders of these terrorists are working for the interests of the enemies of Islam and they are just gathering ignorant people who think that they are doing something good, or some of them are not even aware of what they are really doing and only fighting for money. Apart from the fact that the latter ones have nothing to do with the topic, the others especially suicide-bombers, are obviously not there only for money and it is not something which can be explained by only ignorance. Ignorant people do not become murderers all of a sudden. As it is well known, the Islamic terrorist groups gather plenty of people who define themselves as Muslims. There must be something wrong related to the teaching of this religion’s ethical and moral values. Maybe it could be due to the fact that interpretation of Quran is made wrong by some people deliberately who are using religion to control and govern people in some countries especially ruling under Sharia such as Saudi-Arabia and Iran. In any case, this horrible condition that Islam in is the responsibility of Muslim people, not anybody else. The people of a prophet whose first revelation is the word “Recite!” , could not have any excuse including having an ignorant and uneducated public controlled by corruptive governments, perverted terrorists or imperialistic powers. In the current conditions, the question of “Why has Islamophobia emerged and been getting worse?” could be only deemed as a rhetoric one. Even in Muslim countries like Jordan and Turkey, after people had watched that their soldiers were set fire alive by ISIS, they had been doubtful on their own religion. Also, another big attack happened in Turkey concluded with the death of 39 people in the beginning of 2017 who were already sinners in those terrorists eyes just because they are celebrating “Christian” New Year in a nightclub and they deserved to be killed, but based on what?  Could  be the Quran really asking for it? While the situation is as seemed in Muslim countries, it is really hard to imagine the emotions of an American citizen who is watching a journalist of their country being beheaded by some people speaking of religious aims and introduce themselves to the world as jihadists. The same situation occurred with Paris, Barcelona, Brussels and different European cities in which ISIS caused horrible massacres. Briefly stated, while a lot of people are getting killed “in the name of Islam” and “in the name of God(Allah)”- at least it is what the murderers say-, it is no surprise that people has started to fear of Islam and Muslim people must be the loudest ones against this disgraceful situation of Islam.   Today Islam is the second largest religion after Christianity with its about 1.8 billion followers nearly which covers one-fourth of the world’s population.  They have spread to the different continents all over the world with the significant increase in their number in Europe, America and Australia while the majority of them have been living in Asia and Africa.  According to Quran as a Muslim, you belong to one community which is called ummah regardless of  your race, color, language, national origin or any other social distinction