“How working with computer, there are lots of temptation,

“How to be more Productive?” it is
a question that continuesly comes up to my mind

Each of us loves the feeling of
completing the task each day before it ends. There are so many tips on how to
be more productive in your workplace. But here are 5 ways most powerful and
simple tips on how to boost your productivity.

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Early, Stay Longer

Living in a
populated area like Philippines, starting your day before everyone else saves
much time. Beating the traffic during peak hours and able to do more important
task. Stuck in the traffic will frustrate yourself and negative tone is present
the rest of the day.


extra time not only increase your productivity level, but it will also help you
become the Employee of the month, and become the highest paid employee in your
field. Arriving early and staying longer will make a big difference.


Plan each
day before bed time

task will boost your productivity. Spending a few minutes before bed time doing
the to-do list and prioritizing it. After doing it, put some markings next to
it indicating that those task need to be done tomorrow before the working hours’


Leave the
office for lunch

stomach will distract you of doing your task. Leaving the office to go for
lunch is a good practice and making your mind to keep insight. Taking a short
rest will refresh your head and think for where the rest of your day will go.



generation, distractions are everywhere. If you are working with computer,
there are lots of temptation, like social media, watching movies, or surf the
internet, and many other things to do. When it’s time to work, WORK! If
possible, you can put some sign “Do Not Disturb” so that your co-workers will not
attempt to disturb you.


Keep your
goals in sight everytime

setting and prioritizing your tasks to be done. Keep all of them in sight.
There are lots application in your computer and smartphone where you can list
your tasks. If you don’t like bringing them, you can also have your pocket
notebook. Its main objective is to keep your tasks in sight until the day ends.