How in your brain, which is caused due to

How CBD (cannabiniods) can help with stress

Stress has become an inevitable factor in our day to day life;
whether it’s big stage performance or a simple school test, you experience anxiety
at some part of your life. Anxiety and stress are considered normal unless it
motivates you to carry on your activities but if your stress prolongs it
becomes chronic stress and affect you’re psychical as well as the psychological
well-being of the person. At such cases, supplements of cannibinoids can offer
a life changing remedy. Cannabinoids are clinically proven element to relieve
stress and disorders related to anxiety.

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What is cannabinoid?

Cannabinoid is a one of the chemical compound present in
cannabis plant.  It possesses a property
that mirrors the compound that is found naturally in your body. It is an intoxicating,
non-psychopathic supplement that combats stress related factors more
efficiently than other drugs. There are two types of cannabis used as stress
relievers, THC and CBD.

Cannabinoids can be taken 20-25 g as per the prescription of
your doctor while THC are taken not more than 7.5 g as a slightly over dose can
lead to experience of high and paranoia

Symptoms of stress and anxiety

Stress symptoms include

Frequent headaches

Stuttering and stammering without words

Neck pain and back pain

Gritting your teeth

Difficulty in focusing on any activity

Frequent urination

Nervous habits such as feet taping

Constipation or diarrhea

Why cannibinoids are good for stress?

One of the most common reasons why people rely more on cannabis
is that cannabinoids perform well in reducing anxiety. Unlike other
prescription drugs like Zoloft and Prozac, that has hazardous substance with
brain altering compounds, cannabinoids have natural compound that are similar
in our brain. A fair amount of scientific evidence reports the use of
cannabinoid for stress act as excellent substitute for costly pharmaceutical
drugs or other convectional supplements that have more side effects.

How CBD alleviate stress?

Stress can be an indication of chemical imbalances in your
brain, which is caused due to long term exposure to worries, tragic event or by
anticipating an unpredictable outcome. This affects the endocannabinoid system
that is responsible for your thinking pattern, your behavior and your response.
When the endocannabinoid is interrupted it manifests in mood swings, depression
and break down.

Researchers found that THC and CBD compounds present in the
cannabis combat depressions more beneficially than other supplements without
causing too much of side effects. These compounds are rich in chemicals that
are found naturally found in your brain, so when we intake cannibinoids it
replaces the missing chemicals in your brain and stabilizes you mood and

Cannabinoid legal status

Medical use of cannabinoids has led to the conflict of
whether it is legal or illegal. Yet, the Use of cannabinoids for medical use is
approved in almost 50% of the countries while some countries allow cannabis
supplement that is high in cannabinol and low in tetracannabinol for medical