How Ben Reid The golden Age of medieval islam.The

How has Science and technology Inventions in the muslim civilization made an Impact on our world today?By Ben Reid The golden Age of medieval islam.The period of 750 AD to 1050 AD was known as the golden age of the islamic world. Scientist, Artists, engineers and lot more made Developments and Discoveries during this time. The Golden age was the prime of muslim civilisation making great inventions that are still used nowadays.  In the arab lands the environment was and is very dry and arid environment and it was important to develop technologies especially for water. The islamic technology includes things such as  The manufacture of steel and other types of metals, Paper-Making etc…Ibn al-Haitham  Ibn al-Haitham was a great scientist whose ideas invented to the creation of the camera although he didn’t physically create it himself, He rejected how the greeks thought their eyes worked,  the greeks  thought an invisible light  produced from the eye caused sight.  Ibn al-Haitham stated that vision was caused by a light reflecting of any object and entering our eyes. He proved this by doing an experiment, In the experiment he put himself in a dark room with a pinhole on one side of the wall and a white sheet on the other side. Light came through the pinhole and projected a reverse image of objects that were outside the room onto the white sheet of paper.  He called this idea the “qamara”. Ibn al-Haitham invention caused cameras,movies,cinemas,photography and many more to be created.  Abbs Ibn FirnasAbbs ibn Firnas was a muslim inventor who was the first person to make a flying machine and  actually fly it.  In the 9th century he designed a winged machine which looked like a bird costume. His famous attempt which was attempted in near Carbodo in Spain, Abbs Ibn firnas flew upwards for a few moments but straight after plummeted down to the ground breaking his back . Even though He failed his test it was a great inspiration for Leonardo da vinci who 600 years later retracted Abbs ibn firnas idea. Abbs Ibn firnas idea created planes nowadays, he allowed us to fly  to countries instead of driving without his invention/idea planes would be what they are nowadays. Abul Qasim Khalaf ibn al-Abbad al-ZahrawiIn the 10th century Abul Qasim Khalaf ibn al-Abbad al-Zahrawi wrote his medical encyclopedia called al-tardiff. His Encyclopedia includes his written work called “On surgery”.  In his Encyclopedia he includes his massive amount of 200 surgical tools.  This was the first written work in the history of medicine to show and explain about the use of surgical instruments. His design was so good and accurate they only made a few changes over 1000 years his illustrations of the surgical instruments that started surgery to start in europe.  His inventions made a huge impact on our world today without these tools surgery may of never Al-Jazair was a genius from south-east turkey and he was a skilled engineer who created the concept of automatic machines. 1206, Al-jazari made many clocks of different shapes and sizes. The muslim knew it was good idea to know what the time is so they could do what was important for them like knowing what time to pray each day and night etc…  Some say al-jazari biggest invention was his elephant clock it had dozen of components that were collected from different cultures around the world, it included cultures such as indian,greek,arabian,egyptian and chinese. Without his ingenious invention we wouldn’t be able to tell what the time is we would be later for almost everything.