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Horner’s organizational structure consists of President, Vice President of Manufacturing, Sales and Marketing Manager, Plant Manager, Plant Superintendent, and multiple department leads. The President/CEO is on the top with the Vice President (VP) of Manufacturing and the Sales and Marketing Manager reporting to the President/CEO.  Under the VP of Manufacturing fall the Plant Manager then Plant Superintendent and multiple department heads. The manufacturing group oversees production scheduling, order fulfillment, raw material procurement, employee safety, maintenance, etc. The Sales and Marketing Manager looks after the inside and outside sales staff which performs product markets and sales functions of products manufactured by Horner as well as those manufactured by others for whom Horner serves as a reseller.  Contact with all of their customers, architects and similar specifiers is coordinated through this branch, while the President/CEO oversees administrative functions such as oversight of the accounting, insurance, budgeting, strategic initiative and growth elements to the business.

 These 5 individuals in the managerial positions often discuss and implement changes and improvements within the company, as well as to track progress of cross-organizational projects.  All of the individuals have experience in fields in which they do not run on a daily basis. For example, the Sales Manager may have the experience of interacting with architects who install the floors in the field, and they may be able to work with the Plant Superintendent to improve the design of a floor to may it perform better than before. This happens often within this company, specifically because there is only one individual who may cover a certain aspect of the company.

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There isn’t any specific IT department at Horner as it’s a small company. However, there is an individual who works remotely and as needed for Horner whenever there are IT issues within the company.

Some of the business processes includes generation of production order as per customer’s need/order, tracking of the production through a system and update customer regarding their order status, generation of shipping order once the product is complete, create invoice for the customer, ship the product, ensuring that payment is received from the customer.