Hook website version and now they created an android

Hook previously in my video, most of my apps are for young girls and highly motivated women who just want to get cuteness on their feet. In this video, l’ll provide 5 apps for highly productive Men who are always on the go.And lets go check them right now.Bumper:Hello Everybody!Welcome to Android Gearbox and I am Rayne, bringing the best mobile apps every week,Android has to offer.In this weeks video, I am going to provide you 5 apps that will help you for your everyday productivity needs.1. Timebuddy Whether you are a freelancer outsourcing for clients, content creator, or a traveller this app is for you. Time buddy has been around with its website version and now they created an android version to provide you the best timezone converting app.you can also set reminders for meeting and emails for this app. you can have minimum of 4 timezones in this app for the free version and maximum 10 timezones using the premium version.2. Weekly plannerThis planner is so user friendly. with its minimal features and manual alarm set up, this app will be good at every scheduled appointment you have.3. Monefya user friendly money app that can manage your everyday expenses. You can purchase the premium version to get further features such as adding category and using the back and restore option of the app.4. Jotter padJotter pad is a great note pad app to keep notes with. The good thing about this app is that you can use it offline. best for note taking and journal purposes.5. Google slidesNeed presentation to made for next weeks meeting?Use Google slides. Google slides will help you to provide the best presentations that you need to conduct in meetings, conference or incoming company events. This app is better than powerpoint because of the wide selections of templates to choose from.Thank you very much for watching and I hope you enjoyed this video. If you have comments and suggestions, kindly leave them on the comment section below feel free to subscribe to my channel and if you are already subscribed,tick the notification bell so you won’t miss any upcoming videos. Hit like, Hit share, Hit subscribe if you love this video. Have a great day and see you in the next edition.