Hey system. Feel like failures if don’t achieve good

Hey Teachers, Leave Us Kids Alone

In a recent study of over 1000 parents, the majority
of the parents admitted that the progress of their child was one of their main
concerns by. However, less than half of those surveyed indicated that bullying
and unhappiness were key worries. The excessive emphasis placed on ‘good’
grades, though often well-intentioned, usually has many negative side effects.
These include cheating, stress, lack of self-worth and damaged work ethic. Whether
or not there is too much focus on the numerical or alphabetical representation
of academic skill in our society is a controversial and debated issue. Personally,

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Sometimes the expectations
put on the child are just plain unreasonable, not everyone can attain an ‘A’
grade. This pressure to succeed can often lead to kids finding roundabout ways
to obtain the achievements. Almost three quarters of students confessed to
cheating in at least one exam in the past year in an investigation in 2002. This
pressure is the fruit of being ill-prepared for exams, pressed to achieve high
grades, unreasonable expectations from teachers, peers and parents. Students
cheat so they don’t look dumb or to keep up with expectations. However, there
are negative side effects of cheating. They lose integrity, honesty, become lazy,
slackers. Not seen as wrong.

Nowadays, the emphasis is
put on the final grade rather than the journey that they take to get there. They
lose the drive to excel or learn and the kids performed for the reward not out
of curiosity or interest. Dampens motivation. They Lose appreciation of
learning. It is often about the grade not how you got it. Grades become the
main focus rather than education. One student in an American university said, “A
lot of people think it’s like you’re not really there to learn anything. You’re
just learning to learn the system.

Feel like failures if don’t achieve
good grades. Not everyone is academically gifted. Essential jobs that don’t require
uni or good grades. Well paid jobs too. Their value placed in their academic
achievements. Valued only for accomplishment not who they are as people

In 2013/14, ChildLine
declared a 200% increase in counselling specifically about exam stress. Mental health
concerns were mentioned alongside in this in over 50% of these cases. Some of
the leading causes of exam stress include fear of failure, parental
expectations, lack of revision and competition from peers. Exam stress can
affect students in many different ways such as difficulty in waking up and
falling asleep, constant tiredness, lack of appetite, feeling light-headed or
dizzy and increased anxiety and irritability. It can often present itself as a
panic attack, feeling physically sick or as unexplainable aches and pains. In
the worst cases of exam stress, teenagers may be hospitalised or some may even
try to take their own lives. In 2004, 15-year-old Tina Dziki died from taking
an overdose of anti-malarial tablets after struggling with pressures from her
exams. This is why kids should not be bribed to study.