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He is taking the world by storm with his message of peace, love and positivity–music listeners may recognize him as the artist behind the number one hit song “1-800-273-8255.” Logic, a hip-hop artist who recently rose to higher fame, is catching the attention of millions across the world since the release of his third studio album, Everybody. The album was released on May fifth of this year and was considered a well deserved success for Logic after over 10 years of making music.Rapper Logic backstage during a show in Orlando, April 2014 | Source: Nick MaharLogic began making music in his buddy’s basement when he was just 15 years old. He worked two jobs by day and would spend hours working on his music at night, as he explains in his song “Take It Back” on Everybody. He released four official mixtapes between 2010 and 2013 before releasing his first studio album, “Under Pressure,” in 2014. These early years were very significant in Logic’s career due to the strong fan base he gained during this time; his fans were a massive contribution to the recent success of Everybody.A large portion of the Everybody albums sold were bought by Logic’s fan base in bundles, which included items such as limited edition clothing, artwork, and accessories. The bundles were kept at an affordable price and all included either a digital or physical copy of the album. These bundled sales accounted for 115,000 of the total copies sold. This direct to consumer approach has proven to be very effective for the artist and his label, Visionary Music Group.Logic’s unique approach to the hip hop world and his genuine vibe played a significant role in Everybody going gold. Logic’s fan base praises Logic for being his authentic self, and a majority of the music industry does, too. Logic addressed many pressing issues on Everybody in addition to the anti suicide message on “1-800.” He discusses his battle with anxiety on the track “Anziety,” he criticizes the current political status of the US in “America,” and he talks about the prejudices he has faced on “AfricAryan” as well as the beauty of diversity on “Black Spiderman.” Logic believes there is a time and place for rapping about the popular drinking and partying theme in hip hop, and is not against that; however, he prefers to use his platform as a way to spread peace, love, and positivity, and he is saving lives in the process. Logic serves as an example of how passion, authenticity, and loyal fans can lift a career in the music industry to the next level.