Good bugs. Every single bug regardless of how major

Good afternoon, my name is Piotr Grzebielski, my student number is

Today I’m going to talk to You about how video games are made. I
describe the main steps of game production. Off course process of creating a
video game depends on the company. The detailed steps may differ from each
other but the general structure is usually similar to that presented by me. The
effort of developing is undertaken by a game developer, which may range from a
single person to an international team dispersed across the globe. Traditional
commercial PC and console games are normally funded by a publisher, and can
take several years to reach completion. In the presentation I am describing,
the number of people working on the project is usually from 50 – 100 people
plus often the similar amount of people dispersed across the world.

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Generally, it all begins with the people who form what’s called the
core team

they brainstorm in meeting after meeting

to hammer out the concept how the game will look how it’ll work

then they plan out the production schedule assigning who’ll do what and

In the next steps artists sketch out the characters and backgrounds

on graphics tablets in a scene-by-scene storyboard,

meanwhile graphic artists recreate those storyboard

drawings three dimensionally on the computer


after developing a preliminary version of each character

the animators superimpose a skeleton by manipulating it

they make the character move, they experiment

until they decide on which ones they’ll use for the game

the animators have to design every movement

each character can potentially make in the game

development team use animation to bring the game elements to life by

colours textures shading and of course movement


to advance the storyline video game is interspersed with animated

these segments called cinematics

to make a cinematics action look realistic they use a technique called
motion capture

the animators videotaped actors performing the action

then use animation software to reproduce it on the computer

computer engineers design the artificial intelligence and technician
record the characters lines,

mixes the voices with music and sound effects and synchronizes
everything with the action


now they take the video game out for a test drive

do the characters move, the way they’re supposed to do.

This is the development teams last chance to rid the game of any bugs.

Every single bug regardless of how major or minor is documented and
attempted to be fixed, with the major “A” type bugs the top priority
with the “B’s”, “C’s” and less important bugs addressed as
time or company policy may dictate.

after that the company can finally market this video game and hope it
becomes a hit

The specific steps may vary from developer to developer, however the high-level
elements of what goes into making a game are universal and that’s where the
focus will remain.


I am coming to the end of my talk.

Today I told you about Video game development. I told about the main
steps of creating games with the highest development budgets and levels of
promotion. I hope you found my talk interesting, and you’ve found out how
creative this work is, how many areas it consists of and how complex and
creative is the job. Do You have any questions?