Gender exploitation of men for ages. As time passed,

Gender Role: The Mystique against Women

Feminine mystique is recognized as a false representation of
society towards women in the aspect that they are meant to be wives, housewives
or mothers and nothing else. Women have gone through the supremacy and
exploitation of men for ages. As time passed, they didn’t stay behind, and
instead revolted against men which led to a balance of power that makes both
roles significant. Today’s ideology of women is played by the role they have in
society and the way it shaped gender equality.

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Roughly at the end of the 19th century, there was a
systematic way in how women should act called Pink Think, it was a set of
ideologies that made women less authoritarian. Society was focused on applying
this in an inflexible fashion of behavior from an early age that many of them
perceived no other life. Females from an early age were taught how to think,
walk, dress, shop, act in certain ways that are custom to their gender and
practically every daily aspect done had to be done in a girlish way. If women
didn’t follow these guidelines they were being portrayed as “improper” without
chance of success, for instance, a woman not following the pink think
philosophy wouldn’t be alarmed of encountering an oily and greasy insect but
rather sweeping it away. Lynn Peril said, “Integral
to pink think is the belief for one’s success as a woman is grounded in one’s
allegiance to such behavior.” (Peril CR33) Society was centralized in
using these guidelines to keep women aligned and had to be followed be accept

Women’s main goals were to be able to reproduce and have
kids of their own, but this was only possible if they followed the way society
was shaped. It was mandatory for ladies to look attractive, charming and have a
ladylike persona to grab a man’s
attention and serve them “till death do us part.” Due to the fear of not
reaching motherhood, Lynn Peryl says that
“femininity was necessary for catching and marrying
a man, which was in turn a prerequisite
for childbearing—the ultimate feminine fulfillment. This resulted in little
girls playing games like Mystery Datelong
before they were ever interested in boys.” (Peril CR 35) This way there
will be happiness in both ends while having a society
focused on keeping women restrained from their true selves and taking care of
the household.

For a long time, Society has perceived women as someone
inferior to men. In Wife of Bath’s tale ruled by King Arthur alongside the
queen, there was the knight that felt dominant over his position and took
advantage of a young woman that was peacefully walking next to a river, when he
approaches and without hesitation takes her virginity without consent. When
higher authorities find about the incident, he is destined to die but the queen
pleads King Arthur to take it from there and take care of his future. This is a
rare case where women have the authority to do something in this time. Not
letting the knight go, she tells him that to understand how women feel, he
should seek out to “what women most aspire.” After an exhausting search for this answer, he says to the queen “A woman wants the self-same sovereignty Over her husband
as over he lover, and master him; he must not be above her.” (Chauser 82) Women feel that the world is
handed to men on a golden plate, while
they are left serving them no matter the situation. They are under the
influence of society that men have built against their gender. Women are
looking for “Freedom to do as exactly as we please,
with no one to reprove our faults and lies.” (Chauser
80) How can women coexist with men if they are stranded and there’s no
other life? Women are stuck in a bottomless void, from the wicked hearts of

Society is the one that builds the standards of living and
sets the way its organized. In most aspects women take care of the household
but in different, men give their physical strength to work in dangerous jobs
that provide for the family. In this circumstance, men have the perspective
that women have the easy job of taking care of the children and doing daily
work that doesn’t put their lives on the line. Sanders said, “Career, art, politics. Have their babies and get back
to the office a week later. It’s as if they’re trying to overcome million
years’ worth of evolution in one lifetime.” (Sanders 131) Different
circumstances, takes to different measures.

In the Men We carry in Our Minds; the protagonist grows
among lower class individuals that set their standards of living into hard
working men that go to work early in the morning and come late at night when
their bodies can’t hold no more. He explains how there are signs of aging as
their bodies slowly quit on them. The high academics of the protagonist enables
him to experience the rich life and a different circle. He encounters a
different way living and as he blends in he is perplexed to find that his gender
is the one dominating and taking control of all decisions. He was confused “when the women at college accused me and my sex of having
cornered the world’s pleasure’s.” (Sander 135) The protagonist had a
different point of view towards this new society because the circle of people
he grew up had a different mentality in how the domestic role should be
performed. Society sets the principles and is followed by the people to not be
perceived as uncommon. Progress is inevitable in a society that is looking for
a change and it virtually changes the standards that everyone lives in.

Over the years, societal beliefs have changed the role of
genders to a more mutual working relationship that will benefit both, for
instance, men will oversee the landscaping tasks while women can take care of
the laundry chores and vice versa, with this system, both experience the
perspectives. In Mallam Sile, a businessman that is taken advantage and
disrespected by the townspeople until he meets the love of his life that’ll
lead to a life-changing event. Mallam is experiencing loss from his business
because people decide not to pay him, Abbeba, his wife understanding that Sile
is a warmhearted man that cares for others but at the same time Abbeba
concerned for her husband agree “to extend
credit, but only in special cases and also on condition that the debtor swear
by the Koran to pay in time.”(Ali 99)


Most men have the interpretation of curvy, long hair,
beautiful women categorized as perfection, but then women took the reins of
their life and pursued to find their true selves. Society has developed over
generations and they have learned to accept the typical gender stereotype in or
outside the household. To find societies greatest pleasure of gender equality,
society must learn how to educate proceeding generations. Working together in
human ways instead of discriminating both genders, society will be able to
redeem itself from corruption. Not until both genders reach a mutual agreement
and set aside their differences they will be able to reach gender