From one hour is more than the total annual

From the very beginning of the
mankind, power generation and using it efficiently has been one of the most
burning issues. For the past thousands of years, various sources of energy has
been used for power generation. But alongside them a new form of energy is
being popular day by day. It is the solar power. It is pollution free, noise
free in some cases and above all the most favoured renewable energy of the
present time.

Electricity is the most used form of
energy because it is possible to convert electricity into another form of
energy more efficiently and effortlessly. Solar panel which is used to make the
said conversion, that’s why is being popular overnight. No other forms of energy
is as abundant as the solar power. It can be placed on roof tops, on the upper
surfaces of the vehicles like trains(DEMU) and even in the handheld devices. In
a word, solar power is compatible with almost every device from small scale to
large scale.

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Basically, the power generation
technology in solar panel follows the photovoltaic effect. When the sunlight
beams the surface of the panel, silicon microchips are forced to emit electrons
by the light energy. These yields direct currents. To convert it into practical
AC of desired frequency and amplitude, converter is used herewith. Several
numbers of solar panel modules are sometimes combined and then an inverter.
Without solar lights’ energy, this panel doesn’t work. And it is the positive
side. Because sun light is eternal. There is no chance of exhausting this
source in near future, not even in 500 million years. It is not wonder that the
sun’s beam fallen on the earth in one hour is more than the total annual energy
consumption. So several researches are being carried out to improve solar
panel: the key to conversion. System loss is being reduced. The world leaders
and the leading scientists are interested on this point.

The advantages of solar energy are
too many to describe. First of all it is pollution free. No other energy
sources except wind mill offer us to produce energy, specifically electrical
energy without a big sound. The sun is the only source of all kinds of energy
on the earth. And so solar energy is reliable. 
It is called the green technology because it is carbon emission free. Solar
based power plants helps to reduce the demand of fossil fuel, where that is the
only medium of power. It also assures the proper utilization of abundant lands.
Solar energy is clean and conversion is waste free. Sun light can be
temporarily exhausted for bad weather, but is sure to get it in a fair one.

The earth is losing fuel source.
Sources like coal, gasoline are on the decrease. Uranium can also be exhaust in
a late future. Only solar and air energies are left. Windmill is not congenial
for all the places. So it is the high time to make solar power a major source
of energy of today’s world. Because the future is here. Solar power will not
only meet the demand of the energy, but also make the world greener, cooler and
nicer one. Above all everyone will lead a life with the certainty of using
adequate energy for him/her self.