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free or paid WordPress themes which one is better for search enginesAs a web developer, i was frequently questioned by newbies about free or paid WordPress theme, which one is better for search engines or google?. What are the benefits and drawbacks?. If you also have the same question in your mind then keep reading this article because this post is for you. In this content, I will explore free or paid WordPress theme which one to choose for your website.Free WordPress ThemesBefore going into depth, I want to point out that when we are saying free WordPress themes, we mean by that the themes that are available in the recognized Themes directory website or any other trusted directory like themesflag where free WordPress themes are listed from WordPress official website only.If you ask me I will never suggest people to get and install any free theme from untrusted places.The greatest advantage of a free WordPress theme is that it has no cost. It decreases the hurdle of access to establishing a website, Even so experiencing the word free makes numerous persons careful. Why would anyone offer you a free template when other people are selling top quality and premium themes? A mindful question. While others assume free themes comes with poor performance. It’s quite the opposite.Best Reason to Choose a Free ThemeFree WordPress themes are really kept to a greater quality and high standard. All of them undergo a tight assessment practice before uploaded to the theme directory. In the team, there are very expert people for theme evaluation who check out and analyze these themes before they are approved for the listing. You can also do it yourself by checking a free theme with a WordPress Plugin Theme Check.Free Wp themes are examined for regular authorized code, high-quality CSS, and HTML, protection, support for standard Wp capabilities, privacy, and so on.Those Free themes are only approved to be listed on official website that are created by high experts and developers and fulfills all the standards of WordPress.The Reason Developers Offer it For FreeThe main reason for offering a free theme because developers get many advantages.It assists them to improve their skills while in the evaluation practice, the theme evaluation staff review their code and recommend changes.It also provides them an opportunity to make their template accessible to big customers platform where folks can use it, give comments, and advise enhancements.They can also get the chance for establishing popularity to be an experienced developer, develop a portfolio, obtain paid work for personalization of those free templates or even create a custom theme for customers.On the other hand, if free themes are certainly great, but also there are many downsides and disadvantages.Disadvantages of Free ThemesDisadvantages of free or paid themes can be really subjective. It can be a disadvantage for one person and may not be a cause of concern for several people.Below are some frequent disadvantages of utilizing a free themeMinimal support possibilities – The creators of Free WordPress themes provide support only via WordPress forums, but they aren’t bound to respond to support issues.Limited Functions and Features – Although free templates assist high standard WordPress features, a lot of them don’t provide additional functions like making buttons, utilizing shortcodes, make landing webpages, and so on.Not too Unique – Free WordPress themes are widely-used by many sites and blogs, so your site will not possess a unique pattern. Als,  there are generally minimal possibilities to personalize the aesthetic look of free templates.No Responsibility – Free WordPress themes are handed out without any guarantees, so if anything fails, you are basically on your own. Also, don’t need to rate a free theme that you don’t like because you didn’t spend amount for this theme.Alternatively, if you are requested perfectly or make a little donation, the web developers are much more prone to include that function in.Advantages of Paid Or Premium WordPress ThemesAs Compared with free themes, premium WordPress themes are offered for buy from several 3rd party theme stores and market segments.In the same way as top quality web hosting, you should consider premium or WordPress themes when it comes to an expenditure for your enterprise. In fact, there is an excuse why high-quality themes have premium prices, additionally they provide premium functions.They Have More Functions and Personalization ChoicesThe largest benefits of a premium template is that you will get more functions and personalization choices.Because of the competitors in the paid theme market, theme providers are often looking to provide extra options at affordable rates.Being a buyer, you obtain WordPress themes that include many functions such as drag & drop page builders, multiple shortcodes, several page templates, and endless color options.Supports & UpdatesPaid or Premium WordPress themes involve regular updates and help service.Mostly because these theme stores are in fact generating income compared to working for free.Have Unique DesignSince there is a price related to premium themes, they are very often used when compared to free WordPress themes.In addition to, the personalization choices offer you the power to customize your theme.Combining the two, your site will be attractive and appear unique.When you get the excellent theme, you not just have access to a completely useful template but also get help, regular updates, more flexibility (with regards to personalization options), and protection or security (fewer risk of malware and 3rd parties). What’s even better, a premium WordPress theme shines to be a lot more special than a free WordPress theme could possibly be.Listed below are some understanding features to find in a premium WordPress themeCertified All Standards: Up-to-date using the newest editions of WordPress, CSS, PHP, and HTML.Responsive Design: It is very important for every blog to have responsive design. It is growing to be more of a need because Google matters responsitivity as a significant ranking pointWorks over various browsersEasy to customizeCompatible with all other popular pluginsDisadvantages of Premium WordPress ThemesNot every premium themes are excellent.Allow me to discuss some typical problems that could be a disadvantage Weak Code – In some cases, you might finish up purchasing a premium theme that seems very well but has weak coding specifications which could cause it to not compatible with few plugins. Primarily for the reason that these themes don’t have to move through a tight evaluation practice.Lots of functions – To be able to sell more themes, the web developers can also include lots of unwanted functions in their designs or templates. You will most likely never use all those functions, but they are even now there, which causes your site sluggish.Crossing around into Plugins domain – Often many Wp themes can cross around into plugins domain, providing features that they are not expected to present. Such as, making custom publish types, shortcodes, and other items that would fade away once you change your WordPress theme.Are You Puzzled What Theme To Choose?When picking out a WordPress theme for your website you will need to ask yourself some questions.1. Do you definitely want plenty of functions, sliders, theme admin choices, and other offerings for your site?2. Is it possible to troubleshoot WordPress problems by yourself or you want assistance to solve issues?3. Are you interested in a professional looking template that’s not usual or you are okay having a simple design?If you are simply want to build a personal blog or family site, then free WordPress themes for bloggers or writers will be satisfactory for the needs you have. However, if you want to start a small firm or business, then we will highly suggest you to look with a paid theme. It offers you the more personalization functions and choices while providing you the serenity of thoughts that assistance can be acquired when you want it.