FORMATION faced, possibility of occurrence and adverse impact on


The group consisted of
five members. The first day of meeting was challenging due to the fact that the
group members did not know each other well enough. After a minute of
fraternization, the agenda was set in motion which was to choose one of the
scenarios stipulated in the group assignment.  Upon careful deliberation of the two
scenarios, an agreement was reached to choose scenario one which reads “Suppose an
intruder destroyed all the students’ records at your MIS University, such that
no one can access their grades, courses taken and academic records.  

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Each member was tasked
to identify two assets, the threats faced, possibility of occurrence and
adverse impact on the MIS University. Due to the geographical location of group
members, it was agreed that individual research work would be shared on the
Whatsapp platform for proof reading and necessary corrections. Physical meeting
was scheduled on Saturday after lectures.


As a contribution, I
identified two key assets to the University in the form of the Building and Softwares.  Below are the
evaluations for each identified asset:

A key tangible asset serving as the base for shelter from extreme weather
conditions and a place to work. The main occupancies in buildings are the
People/Users as well as the information processing facilities which need
protection from threat agents. A value of 100 was assigned as an asset value

Possible threats to the
building are identified to be theft, vandalism, fire, flood, lightning and poor

Loss of the building
infrastructure has high impact in terms of huge financial losses or possible
human lives may be lost.

Controls to mitigate
the actualization of the threat are good building maintenance, physical
security controls such as security fencing, Building alarms, grounded lightning
conductor rod, among several others  

represents the system and application softwares of the University acquired or
developed in-house.

Threats to the software
come in the form of attacks through the injection of worms, virus and malwares.
In addition, software bugs, loopholes and un-patched systems were identified,
leaving door for intruders to attack critical system.

The impact of software
risks were identified to be high with controls such as system patching,
penetration testing mitigating these risks.

Upon review of my work,
I was nominated by fellow group members to compile all the individual research
work and come out with a draft report of the entire group, which I did
wholeheartedly, having no regrets or whatsoever.


This assignment has
really taught me the importance of group dynamics and the willingness to share
ideas. The confidence garnered would definitely influence the way I approach future

Ability to take charge
of discussions and willingness to accept responsibility led to me being
nominated as a virtual group leader

One thing I would have
wished for or change was to have a time for face to face presentation of our
various research works to know the depth of understanding and knowledge