For Venus, ca. 1484-1486 (Visual) and Poliziano’s poem “Stanze

For the final project I will compare two works of art and consider the theme they have in common, both artworks that I have for my final paper was suggested to me by my professor and these are Botticelli, Birth of Venus, ca. 1484-1486 (Visual) and Poliziano’s poem “Stanze per la Giostra” (Written). Birth of Venus was from the Renaissance in Florence, it portrays a nude image of Venus, the goddess of love and beauty. The second artwork is the “Stanze per la Giostra” by Poliziano, this is a poem, when translated it means “Rooms for the Carousel”. It has a description of the cast by Vulcan (God of Fire) which is related to the first art that we have for the paper. I will compare the origin, theme and the message that both artworks convey beauty, love, and rebellion.Both Birth of Venus and Stanze Per La Giostra were created during the early Italian Renaissance, Italian renaissance is said to be a great change in Europe, some of the artworks that I’ve seen for this period are Gates of Paradise by Lorenzo Ghiberti, Procession of the Maggi by Benozzo Gozzoli which I think is colorful and the Expulsion from the garden of Eden by Masaccio. Renaissance means “rebirth”, in my opinion, Italian renaissance is a comeback period of Europe with their arts. Some said that the inspiration of Botticelli in creating Birth of Venus was the Stanze Per La Giostra by Poliziano because both were working in Florence at that time. Next is how Birth of Venus was painted, as per some historians described the art as a Primavera meaning spring in Italian which can also be described as a large painting, two canvases were sewn to paint the art which said to be different in Botticelli’s way of painting which is usually panel supports, there are a lot of golds for the highlights on some parts of the painting, but it was added after framing it, on this painting it was said that the painter put a lot of attention on Venus’ long hair to show his interest to the women in late 15th century. On the other hand, the painting is “the perfect example of the type of picture targeted by the Dominican monk Savonarola (cited from:”, because the said monk had a fight against profanity. One article that I’ve read on the website, the painting narrates the event after Venus was born, she then rode on a seashell to the island of Cythera, on her left is Zephyrus who is with nymph Chloris and the one on her right whose holding a big cloth was said to be Pomona goddess of Spring. As per Stanze Per La Giostra, it was said to be the description of the painting Birth of Venus, Stanze stands for “rooms”, la stands for “the” and Giostra means “carousel”, which is an interesting title for the poem, as I have read parts of the poem I can picture the painting Birth of Venus in my head as it looks like everything is very similar, which made me think that it is indeed possible that the painting is very much related to the poem.The difference between the two artworks that I have on my paper is the method of expressing oneself, Botticelli painted his interpretation of Venus to provide a visual representation of the Goddess of love, beauty, sex, and fertility while Poloziano is comfortable in writing.In the present time, Lady Gaga, one of the most famous singer and known for her songs Bad Romance, Just Dance and Poker Face which I personally liked and listened to before, some people said that her outfits were inspired from the painting of Birth of Venus, one of her songs “Judas” has a similar background as of the painting. One of the photographer, Mr. Rineke Dijkstra had a photoshoot with a teenager in 1992 that looks like the pose of Venus in the painting, he was asked if was it just a coincidence that the pose is the one that is in the painting and he said no, he was reminded and inspired by the painting, that is why he did the photoshoot.Both artworks are announcing the beauty of a person, it’s body and its entirety, love of art and love for what they believed in. There are a lot of controversies when it comes to Christian faith before and I believe that even now, some believes that the painting is inappropriate because of the sensitive body parts that are showing, but I call it being liberal to the truth and appreciating the dedication of each artist.