For these dandelion tea benefits. 5 Dandelion Tea Benefits

For ages, the dandelion herb (also called simhadanti in India) has
been used for its medicinal benefits in Ayurveda. Drinking dandelion tea, which
is made with dandelion flowers, is one of the best ways to reap these benefits.
Although you can also drink tea made with the roots. Dandelion tea is packed
with nutritive properties. Check out these  dandelion tea benefits.

5 Dandelion Tea Benefits

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1. Supports Healthy Weight Loss

Extra body weight is a matter of health. Being overweight puts
people at risk of problems like diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol, and
coronary artery disease among others. So, it’s important to maintain a healthy
body weight. Drinking dandelion tea can certainly help. That’s because it alters
enzymes in the body, resulting in fat loss. It also has diuretic effects,
meaning that it promotes frequent urination. This reduces water retention.

2. Lowers Inflammation

Next on the list dandelion benefits is reduced inflammation in the
body, thanks to its antioxidant content. Dandelion tea, therefore, makes an
excellent remedy for inflammation related conditions like arthritis. It also offers
pain relief benefits. However, consult an Ayurvedic doctor about the potential
for dandelion tea to reduce inflammation in your body – it’s not safe to self

3. Boosts Detoxification

This warm beverage helps your body flush out accumulated toxins
through the liver, thus boosting overall health. As we mentioned before,
dandelion tea has diuretic effects, which promotes the flushing out of harmful
substances in the body through urine. It also boosts the levels of
detoxification promoting enzymes in the body. You might also be interested in
reading about these Ayurvedic lung detox diet solutions.

4. Keeps Illness At Bay

Ayurveda always encourages preventing dieases rather than treating
them. Dandelion tea supplies your body with a variety of powerful antioxidants
like flavonoids, that reduce oxidative stress. This works to strengthen the
body’s defence against diseases. So, it makes for an excellent immunity
boosting drink. Go ahead and check out more of these Ayurvedic tips to boost