For and failed it, the reason that you failed

For this week’s assignment, we were asked to watch three videos discussing arguments. In the How to Argue- Induction and Abduction- Crash Course Philosophy #3, they define induction as, “using past experience to make future decisions”.  An example of this could be that the first two tests you have taken in a class were easy, so you assume that the other tests will be easy too. The guy in the video says, “abduction is when you eliminate what is not true and consider what is most likely”. An example of this could be that you did not study for a test, you took the test and failed it, the reason that you failed the test was because you did not study.The second video we were asked to watch was, 5 tips to improve your critical thinking- Samantha Agoos. When making a decision, you need to use critical thinking so that you can make the best decision. When you make a decision, your emotions tend to get in the way and you choose what you want rather than thinking it through and making the best decision, but with critical thinking, this can help you out. The video states that there are 5 steps to help you solve any problem and they are, “formulate your question, gather your information, apply the information, consider the implications, and explore other points of view”. By using these 5 steps, this will help you to make the right decision.The last video we were asked to watch was, How to Argue – Philosophical Reasoning: Crash Course Philosophy #2. When most people get into an argument, they do not do a really good job, because like the video said we make comebacks instead of using logic for our arguments. When making an argument, your argument needs to be backed up with premises. Plato came up with a theory called, Tripartite Soul, which breaks down our soul into three parts. These three parts consist of, rational, spirited, and appetitive. The rational part of us finds facts to make a decision, the spiritual side uses emotions and beliefs, and the appetitive side is what makes us want to do something.