Firefighter of people turned into firefighter it sounds like

Firefighter  Firefighter is a job that is responsible for responding emergency calls, distinguish fire, and saving people or animals from dangerous place. This job is strongly related to chemistry and requires chemistry knowledge. Throughout this essay, I will explain how is firefighter related to chemistry and other way to extinguish fire using chemicals, what do you need to become firefighter, how much can you make as firefighter, some issues as firefighter, and some other facts.  General Information Firefighter is a common job on the world and since a lot of people turned into firefighter it sounds like it is easy to become firefighter, but it’s actually requires a lot of training and degrees to turn into firefighter. First thing you need to do is to volunteer for the firefighter. Community will provide an open spot for firefighter volunteers. Volunteer as firefighter will not only help you to become firefighter, it also gives you some of knowledge as firefighter. Second thing you need is CPR training. Firefighter’s main job is to help an animal or people from dangerous building or thing. If you have full trained CPR and volunteer hours, your chances of becoming firefighter will increase extremely high.  The next you need is the fire science degree. To become firefighter, you must know the knowledge of fire, therefore you must take fire science at college or university. The last thing you need is to take the exam. This exam covers math, human relations, problem solving, written and oral communications, judgement, memory and reasoning. Once you passed this exam all you have to do is apply.  Once you are firefighter, you will get pay around $61,143 a year. In Canada, you could get paid from $41,328 to $96,571. They also get bonus which could go from $300 to $8,500.  Risk as Firefighter Since firefighter mainly deals with fire, Firefighter is known as one of dangerous jobs in the world. There are mainly two risks as being firefighter. First risk is cancer. According to a report published in “Science daily” the chance of developing cancer is increasing for the firefighters. This is because of the chemical that they take into their body during their job. Although firefighter wears bunker gear as their protection of their selves, this doesn’t protect their whole body.  The next risk as being firefighter is burns and smoke. Burns may be non-serious but smoke will be serious issues towards your body such as lungs. You could easily die from fire smoke. This fire smoke could cause a range of health problems such as burning eyes, runny nose and lung diseases.   How is firefighter chemistry related to chemistry and other way to extinguish the fire  Firefighter is a job that has a strong relationship with chemistry. First off to extinguish the fire you must need chemical which is ammonium dihydrogen phosphate and carbon dioxide. This covers the fire and shuts from oxygen to extinguish the fire. A lot of people believes fire extinguisher and water is the only way to stop the fire. However, there is other way to extinguish the fire using chemicals which is known as “fire grenade”. This is called grenade because you throw this into fire. Fire grenade is made of bulb and in the bulb, it usually contains full salt water. Once you throw this to fire, the glass container will shatter and disperse to water to extinguish the fire. The positive about fire grenade is really easy and its really fast to extinguish the fire. The negative of fire grenade is its really expensive. It could go from $90 to $400.   Interesting facts  First interesting fact is firefighters in Japan from 1603 to 1867, Japanese firefighter fought with fire a bit differently, instead of wearing fire suit they wet themselves with hoses so they would be less flammable. The second interesting fact is about their time to get dressed. Since they are wearing heavy suit, you may think they are going to take a little while to get dressed, however that is not true. Firefighters can get dressed in less than two minutes. Considering that they are wearing heavy suit, this is pretty amazing. The last interesting fact is some bad firefighters. Around 100 firefighters per year gets arrested for starting fire, this is heartbreaking and hard to believe but it is true fact.