Finally, medal. An Olympic hockey team has high interdependence;

Finally, a defining
characteristic of effective teamwork is interdependence. This mutual reliance
among the members of a team requires the development of cooperative strategies
between them. One of the most widely studied forms is goal interdependence, a situation
in which members of a group share common goals (Yeatts & Hyten, 1998).

For instance, “an Olympic gymnastics team has low goal interdependence, team
members can win individual medals even if the team wins no medal. An Olympic
hockey team has high interdependence; the goal is achieved only by the full
team, not by individual members” (Roger Schwarz, 2015). Goal
interdependence means that team members can meet their goals only when
they support each other to achieve their objectives, so that there is reciprocal

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To sum up, team is an important factor because
deal with inter-organisational issues and help the organisation to develop with
unique ideas. But in order to, be achieved the above it is necessary a team to
consist vision, goals, communications and support among the members as well as
all the members have to perform at a superior level.