Fate of work or want to improve their skills

Fate and
Faith, many people believe theirs are written from the time they are born, some
other conclude that theirs are the consequences of their actions, whether they
are good or bad. Many people want to be professionals in their field of work or
want to improve their skills to a great extent. Many people think skills will
come naturally but this is not true. Talent might be a factor that helps guide
you in the right direction but relying on that alone won’t get you anywhere,
both determination and faith are required to achieve success.

First, relying
on talent alone won’t help you achieve success. Both time and dedication are
required. According to Malcolm Gladwell, at least 10,000 hours of dedication
and practice time are required to reach mastery. Anyone taking part in any
activity requires 10,000 hours to master their skills. As shown by John Locke,
an English philosopher during the Enlightenment, with his idea called Tabula
Rasa showed in his Essay Concerning Human Understanding, all minds are created
as a blank slate and equal. This means that knowledge must be attained from an
outside source and people are not born with this knowledge. This also means
that this knowledge that is attained must be trained and is not just present (Locke).
Basic practice time on an unset schedule would not help either. The 10,000
hours of practice must be completed on a set schedule (Gladwell).

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Second, not
everything requires 10,000 hours to master but does require a lot of time to
achieve mastery. In Macbeth by William Shakespeare, Macbeth receives a new
title as the Thane of Cawdor due to his bravery and courage. Macbeth was also
told that he would become king in his life, but he got carried away and tried
to rush his fate by killing the current king (Shakespeare). This didn’t help
him very much. Since Macbeth tried to kill King Duncan and rush his fate; fate
got him back as Macduff killed Macbeth later on in Act 5 (Shakespeare).

Third, to
master your own fate, you must also acquire some help. As shown by David
Epstein, in The Sports Gene, Donald Thomas didn’t know his potential
until he was challenged by his friend. When he was challenged by his friend, he
found out his true potential. In band and sports, private lessons or a coach
may help your master, or at least improve your skills to a great extent. In
band class, I took private lessons for my bassoon as my instructor told me to,
and I improved to a great extent.

Hard work
and dedication goes a long way to help in most cases, however, sometimes, it
will not get people to be well known for their field of work. This is true for
most people who want to go into a field of work regarding sports. Just because
LeBron James dropped out of high school and is now in the NBA doesn’t mean that
anyone who drops out of high school and is decent at basketball can join the
NBA. This is also true for musicians as many will get recognized after just
writing one song, while some musicians work their entire lives and can’t even
get one of their songs recognized. However, this is true in these cases, in
most cases, with hard work, tie, and dedication, most people are either able to
make a living out of their work, enjoy their work or are fairly well known in
their work.

To sum it
all up, talent might be a factor that helps guide you in the right direction
but relying on that alone won’t get you anywhere, both determination and faith
are required to achieve success. When Donald Thomas became an Olympic champion,
he stopped practicing. As soon as he stopped practicing, he never got another
medal again (Epstein). It is said by Malcolm Gladwell that at least 10,000
hours is required to be proficient and master an activity. This does not mean
to complete 10,000 hours within 50 years on a messed-up schedule, it means that
these 10,000 hours must be put in in a reasonable amount of time and on a set schedule.
As Andy Weir showed in his book called The
Martian, Mark Watney was stranded on Mars by his crewmates
but rather than losing hope, he pieced together as much stuff as he could and got
back home to Earth (Weir). Finally,
as said by John Locke “Let us suppose the mind to be, as we say, white paper,
void of all characters” meaning that the mind is a blank slate and won’t learn
on its own but rather, must be taught.