Factory and quit polluting the environment its around. Since

Factory Farms create food for us and help create employment for people around the world. I believe we should keep factory farming as long as they follow legal rules. This is why we should keep factory farming. First off, in factory farms the animals are confined indoors which protects them and keeps them safer. Animals indoor are protected from any predators and the frigid weather conditions. Also factory farming creates a lot of manure for fertilization of fields around the world. They can use the fertilization for different farmers who need it. Since factory farms are so big, they need a lot of people to work in them. Therefore it opens up a lot of different and unique job opportunities for people who are in need of a job. Factory farming is great for producing food and it also has a wide variety of different foods. They produce food and meat from all kinds of animals so we can eat it. Factory farms are never behind in food production either because it just requires a little amount of time to market the food. Factory farms are always trying to produce enough food for the nation and they are always staying efficient. Also, when it comes to regulation rules, factory farms always try to follow those rules and keep their animals safe until they are used for food. According to the Factory Farming Awareness Coalition, factory farms are able to butcher animals used for food but if it was an animal not used for food then that would be illegal. People are there to make sure they follow these rules. So since they follow these regulations, Factory farms should not be banned. Although I think we should keep factory farming, there are some reasons why we should ban factory farms. Those farms can sometimes produce low quality food and food that tastes bad and they can treat their animals with cruelty. If we ban factory farming, it will also decrease and quit polluting the environment its around. Since they produce so much manure, not all of it can go to fields and other farms. So, they have to dump it off somewhere and it starts to pollute the environment. Factory farms negatively affect small farming businesses around the world. When factory farms come in, it drives the family farms out of business. Although I think we should keep factory farms, I can see why some people want to ban it. Since I think we should keep factory farming, here are some reasons why keeping it would be better than banning it. Think about it, if we ban factory farms we will lose a lot of our nation’s food production. When they produce their food, they also make it cheaper for mostly everyone to afford it. Also, before they start to produce the food they always treat their animals with antibiotics and hormones to prevent diseases and make their food taste as good as possible. Factory Farming is good for production and creates a lot of food for us. We should keep factory farming because we need food to survive and we will even need more as the years go on and our population grows.