Evolve executed accordingly. 4. Negotiating-Negotiating is about demands of


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Task 1

Describe the skills required for an Event organizer


skills required for an event organizer are as follows.

Communications and
interpersonal skills – Communication skill is one of the most basic and important
skill an event organizer must have because clear communication between the team
is very necessary to make an event successful. And also every event need
interpersonal skills an example of interpersonal skill is making and
assumptions of what is happening this may lead to mistakes it is important for
an event organizer to check and double check all the arrangements.

Time management skills –It is one of the most
essential skill a event organizer must have because if anything is not done on
time then the event would be a big failure and your company too.

Planning –Planning is very
necessary because without a plan an event cannot happen it is the
responsibility of the event organizer to check whether the planning is done
properly and is executed accordingly.

Negotiating-Negotiating is about
demands of people and your requirements to make profit or make an event
successful. Where the event organizer has to see that the client is also
satisfied and his needs are also fulfilled.

Problem solving – A good event organizer
always has a plan B. When something goes wrong he/she does not become
inpatient. He or she must always look for the solution patiently for E.G if
there is a certain power cut in the venue so it is the responsibility of the
event organizer to solve the problem.

Resource management – This means every
physical resources required to run a successful event like DJ ,catering
services , venue , ICT equipment, chairs table ,accommodation  etc .In resources management it is necessary
to measure how effectively resources have been utilized. Resource management is
very necessary because without resources a event cannot happen.




Task 2

Explain the role of an event organizer.

An event organizer plays
a very vital role in making an event grand and successful there is so much to
go when you are planning an big event from finance to all the
arrangements(venue, catering music system etc).

Following are the role of
an event organizer-

Organizing the venue – Selection of a right
venue is very important because the event organizer will have to see whether
the transportation facility is available for the venue. How much far the venue
from the city is how the surrounding is around.


Meeting legal requirements – legal permission is very
important from the local body before planning a event, legal requirements such
as agreement of the venue, agreement between the client and the event
organizing company, if we are playing loud music then permission from the police
or pollution control board is very necessary. The event organizer must meet all
the legal requirements before planning and executing an event.

Catering services – Food is very essential
where ever we go. So arranging a good catering service is the responsibility of
the event organizer if the event is for too long other facilities like drinking
water and washroom facilities must also be arranged for an event.

Pre-event plan – Prior checking is the key responsibility of an
event organizer because sometimes things get misplaced or some of things are
not done proper so arranging things in a proper way before the event is the
responsibility of an event organizer.

Monitoring – when the event is going on monitoring (checking)
all the things are running properly is very important.

Cleaning up the venue- when the event is over it
is the responsibility of the event organizer to clear up the venue and check
whether anything is not misplaced and complete all the documentation work with
the legal