Evidence the software needs updating and, your hardware is

Evidence for p3 Identify the types of fault the can occurP3 Identify the types of fault the can occurLoss of ServiceLoss of service is when theres is a malfunction within a network which stops other people from carrying on with there work. Examples of this would be someone trying to connect to the internet and they can’t due to a hardware problem, or maybe trying to connect to a device’s such as a printer, mouse and your device is unable to find it.Error MessagingError messaging is when your computer displays a message on your screen telling the user why  a command was unable processed . An example of this would be someone trying to download a movie and there is not enough storage on your hard drive;  a message would display on your screen telling you there is not enough space in your storage   .Software faultsSoftware faults is when a piece of software does not respond or work. This problem occurs normally due to a programing error or maybe the software needs updating and, your hardware is no longer compatible with the software anymore.  Hardware faultsHardware faults is a physical problem which causes the user to be unable to use the computer device, Example of this would be anything from a cabling problem to a broken mouse .These problems are normally easy to fix you just replace the the hardware or get it fix. The only problem with these type of of problem is it can cost a lot of money to fix sometimes like, if there is a problem with a router or a server it would cost a lot of money to fix  .Poor PerformancePoor performance is when a computer system performs differently from usual This could be due to hardware problems or software problem. You only notice poor performance when your pc starts to run slowly. There are lots of different ways to find out what is causing your pc to run slowly for example you can see your pc performance by running a benchmark  from the data provided from the benchmark you will know why your computer is running slow. It could be anything from a piece of software using up a lot of memory where you solve this problem by upgrading your RAM which would provide you with enough memory or end the software task. VirusesViruses is a very major problem within a computer system. A virus can steal your data, cause poor prominence in a computer system by casussing your application and programs, or maybe even  destroy your pc. You can prevent your pc from getting a virus by having a good antivirus software such as kaspersky,norton and AVG this will cost you money but is defrenty worth it. It will scan your pc to check for viruses and remove them and will also warn you when downloading software which contains a virus   Evidence for p4There are lot of different ways to get useful information in this day of age in this task im going to explain each of the ways to get information and the advantages and advantages of each type. I will also be explaining the different types of user level and their approach to a problem and how the IT support would help each different type of user level.Novice This is the lowest level for a user theses type of people know absolutely nothing about IT. If they ever have a problem they would instantly phone or get hold of the IT support. How the IT support would approche is they would give them a step by step instructions to fix  itBook Books is the oldest form of getting information that provides good advice and guidance. They also contain a wide range of information that will help you learn pretty much everything you want  to know. The first advantage of books if they contain a lot of information and is normally. Another advantage for using books for guidance and advice is they are very portable ; they don’t require no power and are lightweight so can be carried anywhere. The final  advantage is that books are very reliable. There are also a lot of disadvantages for example they are very out of date that means all new information will not be available in book form. Another disadvantage is that books gets ruined easily and is very valuable to water.   User manualsUser Manuals are small booklets or pamphlets that is supplied with the item which you purchased. The user manual provides useful information about the item you have purchased. The advantage of a user manual is that it supplies you with very specific information guiding you and advising you on how the item works. A massive disadvantage of user manual  is that the information is very limited variety of information telling you only what the item is and not telling you how to fix it if there is something wrong with it.    Forums Forums are internet pages where people contribute to a thread helping people with their problems. There are many different varieties of forums out there supplying people with useful information. A advantage of forums is that they supply very accurate due to the people who post on the forum having  the same problem in the past and knowing a fix for it.     ForumsForums are internet pages where users contribute to a thread in response to other people’s problems. There are many different types of forums out there all with varying levels of helpfulness. The first advantage to using forums is that they can at time be very accurate at solving issues, this is due to other users having the problem and then finding a way to repair it, then posting it on a forum, this is also very similar to a fault log, but for many people. The disadvantages to forums however is that they can also be very bias and incorrect, meaning that forums can’t be a very trustworthy source.Chat lines Chat lines is a online messaging service which connects you directly to IT support specialist so you are able to communication with them ,so they are guidance and advice  so you will be able to solve your  problem. An advantage of chat lines is that you are communicating with a specialist in IT so they probably know the answer to all your question. A massive disadvantage of chat lines is that support can be very limited and can take a very long time as they have to explain each step to you to fix the problem.Teachers and trainersTeachers and trainers are people that know everything about a specific topic or product that they are able to teach someone what they know meaning they can be very useful. The advantage of teachers and trainers is that they are real people with legitimate knowledge, unlike the people on a chat line that normally have a script which they a have to read, making them invaluable. An disadvantage of using teacher and trainer is they often bias of their knowledge because of their experience