Every the coordinates, ATMega Microcontroller MAX 232, Arduino, RS232

Every other day we listen and
read about the increasing rate of crimes done against children like the increasing
number of kidnapping cases, road accident cases etc, and its time safety
measures are increased and parents are able to ensure the safety of their kids
when they are outside or away from the parents.

To make such a safety system I’ll
be making use of the very renowned technology of Global Positioning System (GPS).
We see immense use of GPS in various different applications in the world today.

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In this paper I am proposing a
real time child monitoring system using the GPS technology. This child monitor
and SOS system includes Arduino UNO microcontroller, which along with the
sim900A Global positioning system (GPS) and Global system for mobile
communication (GSM) Voice playback circuit sends information to the receiver
module which is nothing but the Android mobile device which is with the parent.

The main functionality of the Child
monitor and SOS system is tracking the location of the child who is wearing
this device. It will send the data in the form of latitude and longitude
coordinates through SMS on the parents mobile where the coordinates will be
plotted in the Android app automatically. Initially, the GPS installed in the
device takes input from the satellite and stores it in the microcontroller’s
buffer. In order to track where the kid is at present, all that the parent has
to do is to call on the SIM number that is registered in the GSM module of the
device. Once the call is received, the device authenticates the calling number.
If authenticated, the location is sent to the registered mobile number in the
form of SMS. After sending the message, the GSM is deactivated and the GPS is
activated again. The coordinates of the location received in the SMS can be
viewed on the android app.


hardware part described in the paper comprises of GPRS, GSM module, LCD to view
the coordinates, ATMega Microcontroller MAX 232, Arduino, RS232 and relay