Ever since i first operated computers, I have been

Ever since i first operated computers, I have been  mesmerized and intrigued by the solutions offered and the way they operate. Keeping up with the latest advances in technologies always evoked great interest and enthusiasm in me. The speed of developments in the computerized field  taking place over the past few year amazes me and  it is quite evident that there is still vast development to come in the future. Ubiquity of computers proves our inveterate dependence on them. I believe that a graduate degree in this field would hugely widen my horizon and add fuel to my interest in all the things which are technology driven, alongside leading me to the  path of a fulfilling and enjoyable future. My very first experience with programming started right in the vacations of 8th standard, where i experimented with the basics of html, while being captivated by it, as by just changing the smallest thing in the code, will result in completely different  structure of the webpage.  It gave me an idea how webpages worked. After completing that my innerself wanted to learn how can it make it look a bit more pleasing, this  steered me into learning css. I enjoyed working with those website making them run in the manner i wished and then spending ample amount of time fixing the body of the pages. As my hobby developed into a passion, I improved my coding ability by learning a few more simple languages such as C and Java. These interests lead me into the field of computer science. After that i gave my eamcet exam for getting into an undergrad college, in order get into depth of my interest and mainly to enable me to convert my hobby into a professional career. By achieving a very good rank in the eamcet entrance exam  i was given the opportunity to  choose  Computer Science and Engineering course at Muffakham Jah College Of Engineering And Technology, one of the top colleges  affiliated to the prestigious Osmania university.Through the course of the four-year Bachelor of Engineering (B.E) degree program, I achieved a comprehensive perspective of this scientific discipline, with a specific interest in Object Oriented Programming. A number of computer engineering subjects were given a deep understanding of the fundamentals in my course. Programming languages  such as C, C++ , Java and Pl/SQL were both taught theoretically and practically.  Other than the theoretical subjects, the lab programs such as C/C++ ,  Java and PL/SQL of my undergraduate degree acted as a catalyst to my desire of understanding the coursework to a maximum. I was able to to put into practice of what i have learnt in my theoretical classes, that is the reason why i was able to achieve 92% in all of my practical labs.