Education on. One of the Google services which are

Education There are a lot of different cloud computing which allowing user convenience and experience. For example, Google Drive, Google Classroom, Google Keep and so on. One of the Google services which are the Google Classroom is the great help for Education Business. The reasons that education business needs to adapt to cloud computing such as Google is because of the user able to manage a classroom with ease. The user may create a virtual class through the internet to connect a group of students in few minutes. Users can communicate with students and their guardians in one convenience place. Users also can distribute homework or assignment to students in anytime so they can get it any time whenever class manager upload. Besides, Google also allows class manager to give quizzes to the class member during internet. The user can set a date which is used to specify the expired of the quizzes. Google also allows all member to send feedback and make comment in the classes with invisible. Member also able to see everything in one place which is shared by class manager. So that is a convenience for the user to share the materials with the class member.  Another reason that education business will adapt to cloud computing is because users able to manage all the tasks. Class manager able to build the to-do lists for the student to refer their homework on time to time then students can clearly to verify their job. Class manager can create task reminders to remind students to complete their jobs who are not yet complete it on time. It will show the remaining time of the date submission of the tasks. If any students haven’t finished their task, it will show a late submission message. It is useful to help lecturer to remind students by using this Google service and it is effective to improve the rate of student get done in their job. The user can use Google Calendar’s Appointment Slots function to create an appointment calendar other can book time on. Then students can refer the calendar to the scheduled meeting that creates by the lecturer. Healthcare BusinessHealthcare business also uses cloud computing in their job because it is easier and convenient for them to communicate and share information with each other. For example, Healthcare business has used Google as their cloud computing tools. The reason that healthcare business use Google is because Google allows users to create an information hub for their important updates and documents. Users able to move all the important data such as internal communications, announcements, policy updates and training materials to the drives. After that, link to everything from an easy-to-build Google sites website. Users will able to give access to all employees or a select group. The employee can access the website to get the updates information. For example, there has an important meeting with a specific group employee, the user will update an announcement to inform them in detail. Healthcare business can update the document in anytime, anywhere and keep it safe because it is not easy to lose the document which is already moving to the drive. Google can be a backup tool also for them to keep the document. The second reason that healthcare business leads to adopting cloud computing is cloud computing allows users to make mobile healthcare easier. Doctors can keep all the patient information in Google Docs, Sheets or others files stored in Google Drive. So doctors can get the patient’s record in anytime by accessing the Google Drive. Besides that, users able to access and update the information from anywhere by using laptops, tablets, smartphone or others devices which are able to access the internet. It is very convenient for users to update the patient’s record whenever finish an appointment. By using Google Hangouts for video conferencing, it allows users to get more face time with remote patients. For example, some patients who need referral every week to inform their health condition to the doctor may save a lot of time to visit the hospital. Through video conferencing doctor can understand the condition and give instructions to the patients. Referencing Google for Education. (2017). G Suite | Google for Education. online Available at: Accessed 16 Dec. (2017). G Suite – Collaboration Software for Healthcare. online Available at: Accessed 17 Dec. 2017.