Education high poverty levels and low education as well.

Education therefore as a shared value strategy for
businesses is important because it focuses on exploiting potential where it has
been suppressed. In areas of poverty there people with innovative and creative
ideas and talent too who have been limited by their backgrounds. Hence,
companies creating shared value strategy in education dig out for talent where
it is unreachable under the normal competing standards.

Education helps reduce poverty and provides means of
upward mobility in the society. Education assures good health because through
it people are enlightened even if they do not jobs they learn about
self-employment and being entrepreneurial. Additionally, though not a guarantee
it is easier to get well-paying jobs through education unlike a person who has
none. Education is a powerful tool that gives people their rights, where there
is education there is equality and freedom as well (Rakodi, 2014).

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Therefore, for children from poor backgrounds to get
quality education there is need for intervention. Though there are people from
poor backgrounds who make it to the highest education levels against all the
odds but such cases are rare. The reason why poverty persists so much in some
areas is because of poverty intensity. Therefore, the need for the global
education strategy in which governments strive by all means to make sure every
child gets education.

Education and poverty are indirectly proportional;
where there is high poverty rates the education level is very low and where
education level is high, poverty level is low. For example, looking at the
developing countries, such countries have high poverty levels and low education
as well. Developed countries like United States are on the safe side too
because there are communities that suffer from poverty and homelessness.
Children coming from poor backgrounds find it hard to attain high education
levels because of the challenges that come with poverty. Most of the children
skip schools and eventually drop out to work at young ages so as to survive.

The example of Houghton Mifflin Harcourt started its
shared valued strategy on education in just one state Louisiana, but since then
it has been spreading to other states and eventually to other countries.
Everything that becomes international must start at a local level. Since HMH is
an international learning company, the strategy of teaching prisoners is
applicable worldwide. Lastly, in the case of CVS Caremark, the company which
gives the entry-level jobs to the welfare recipients by training them first and
focuses more on the most unemployed communities has a global perspective on education
which other companies can borrow and help reduce unemployment and poverty
worldwide (Bockstette
& Stamp, 2015).

Education is a global issue since it is the most
powerful tool one can ever lack .education helps reduce other pressing global
issues such as poverty, inequality and sustainable growth. Among the three
companies discussed in creating a shared value in education Intel stands out in
its effort of creating a shared value strategy for education as a global issue.
The company sponsors partnerships and programs that help strengthen the STEM
subject in United States and in other areas where the company has a subsidiary.
Additionally, the company advocates for policies that support an
internationally competitive education. The Intel’s shared value strategy
address education as a global challenges other companies, if every
business company could integrate education in the core of their operation then
education will be provided faster too many poor children and the homeless (Bockstette & Stamp, 2015).