Each vehicles by regular car users. Car Manufacturers have

Each step forward in technology presents a new
challenge to the creators trying to push these new changes to the public.

Initial hype in the market is usually chaotic where competitors want a piece of
the limelight by showcasing rival products and original equipment manufacturers
engaging the public with a barrage of advertisements and making sure the idea
or new product sticks.

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In this paper, I wish to list a few out of the several
obstacles towards the adoption of Autonomous vehicles by regular car users. Car
Manufacturers have a few questions to answer before they can completely
understand the complex sociotechnical system involving human factors and
technology such as – Do users envision the inclusion of this technology in
today’s transport network? What major concerns do users have with adopting this
new technology? In this report, I have listed seven of the possible concerns and
tried to give a short description that highlights the concern and its relevance
to this technology being widely adapted across the globe.