E-prescribing his laptop or PC and send it electronically

E-prescribing is meant to reduce the risks
associated with traditional prescription script writing. By sharing medical
prescription information, e-prescribing seeks to connect the patient’s team of
healthcare providers to facilitate knowledgeable decision making. E-Prescription systems help doctors
to generate prescriptions on his laptop or PC and send it electronically to
pharmacies. By doing this the medical practitioner directly sends prescriptions
to the pharmacy and avoids the risk of losing prescriptions. E-prescribing offers clinicians a
powerful tool for safely and efficiently managing their patient’s medications.
Compared to paper-based prescribing, e-prescribing can enhance patient safety
and medication compliance, improve prescribing accuracy and efficiency, and
reduce health care costs through averted adverse drug events and substitution
of less expensive drug alternatives 1.

Although developed countries like the US, Canada , Australia and Russia
already have e-prescription systems in place, in developing countries like
India, normally a patient is given a written prescription in paper and he is
expected to safely carry it to the pharmacy from where the medicines are
procured. With such a manual system, the patient might lose the prescription or
the prescription may not be legible and hence the pharmacist may misunderstand
the handwritten prescription which introduces a chance that he might supply a
wrong medicine to the patient.  With the
E-prescription system the patient does not have to carry the prescription and
also the pharmacist does not encounter the difficulty of understanding the
prescriber’s handwriting. 

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This paper presents an E-Prescription
service that can be used in an EHR system. The rest of the paper is organized
as follows: Section 2 highlights the related works used for E-Prescribing. In
Section 3, we present the proposed a new
framework for E-Prescription system. In Section 4 present the experimental
results and in Section 5, we present our conclusions.