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Drug addiction is an issue that has remained a delicate debate for many years as it cutsacross well-being of a person, health status and the entire life of the involved individuals. TheUnited States has remained firm in its position that selling and using drugs should be banned.However, because of the massive amount of money that is generated in this illegal business,there are always many reported cases on drug dealers, buyers, users and many more. The publichas always shown its fury on the issue worries being on the future of their children who wouldfall into the same trap. The numerous adverse impacts of this business make the authority presentno other option apart from banning these addictive drugs and eliminating them from the society.Drug addiction can create a huge gap between the addicted and the society. Usually, the societydoes not want to be associated with these individuals for fear of the possible consequences. Forexample, there are incidences where an addicted person has killed their partners and themselves.Staying away from addiction means living healthier, extrovert and productive, therefore oneshould avoid it by all means.Drug addiction creates a strong dependence on the drug, and because of this condition,one feels that he/she cannot stay without taking the substance. Once the drug intake is reduced orstopped completely the individual experiences frequent illness or withdrawal since the bodysystem was adapted to the drugs. The worst case is when one is unable to take part in their dailyactivities when they have not taken their drug of choice. For example, those addicted to alcohol,Surname 2marijuana, cocaine, heroin, etc. are often inactive when they have not taken these drugs. There istwo know type of drug dependence, and they are either physical or psychological (Khalil-Khalili65). Physical dependence is noticed when one reduces or completely stops taking the drugsunwillingly because of withdrawal or illness. On the other hand, psychological dependence iswhen an individual must take a specific drug, for example, alcohol to behave normally. Whenone realized that he/she is a victim of either of these, they focus on only one thing ‘how or whereto get the drug they are associated to?’Drug addiction can lead somebody into criminal activities that he/she would otherwisehave avoided. For instance, about 75% of the domestic violence reported in the United States, thevictims say that the assaulter was drinking alcohol or other illicit drugs when the incidenceoccurred. Besides, alcohol and other drugs are associated with more than 80 percent of thecrimes reported in the US and lead to incarceration. Some of these cases are driving while drunk,public-order offenses, banned drugs consumption, domestic violence and many others.Therefore, drug use can be linked with the distraction of people’s relationship. Alcohol has risenas the most influential drug to many domestic crimes in comparison to other drugs (NCADD 1).Apart from robbery and murder most of the offenders in other crimes are reported to have beendrinking alcohol and not under the influence of other drugs such as cocaine and heroin.Anything stupid that one does after taking a certain drug or alcohol means that theirbrain is damaged in one way or another. A human brain is susceptible to the harmful impact ofdrugs, and this extends to other organs of the body like the pancreas, lungs, liver, and heart.Neurobehavioral debits and brain damage are likely to make someone think of committingsuicide. Cognitive disorder, which can be associated with drug addiction is expected to increaseone’s suicidal. Besides, low selenium is linked to anxiety, cognitive decline, and moodSurname 3depression, and all of them can be as a result of drug addiction (Sher 480). Therefore, when onetakes a drug overdose, they do not only become addicted, but they are also exposing their bodiesto other illnesses and problems.Nonetheless, instead of always cursing and rejecting those already in this misfortune, itwould be better if the society finds the most appropriate ways of rescuing them. Not all of thosein drug addiction are there by choice, some of them got into it via peer pressure and others it wasa push by the demand of their career. For example, most of the American teenagers start usingthese substances because of their friends, and before they realize it, they are already addicted.Others are the athletes who start using these substances because of the pressure in their career;they need to perform well so that they can acquire more money or get endorsement and affiliates.Likewise, before they notice it they are already submerged in this predicament (Mazhnaya 170).Regardless of how one got him/herself into this problem, they all need to be helped. In mostcases, children who are brought up by parents who are drug abusers and users are often neglectedas their parents become preoccupied with the addiction and they are more concerned with whereto get the drugs instead of the welfare and health of their children.The banning of alcohol and other drugs is a significant milestone in the war on improvingthe sanity of our society. Despite the steps taken by the authorities in all parts of the world to endthis disaster, a lot still needs to be done. The more the government improves its tactics on the waragainst drug trafficking, the more these goons advance their means of taking these substancesfrom one place to another. However, the world would be a better place without drug abuse andmisuse. There would be fewer incidences of suicide, mass killing, domestic violence, andreduced number of inmates. Besides, people would live healthy and free from unnecessaryillnesses.