Dr. the world’s most remarkable neurosurgeons having made him

            Dr. Benjamin Carson was on born on
September 18, 1951. Since he was a person of color, in that particular time
period, he was often separated from other people around his own age just
because of his color. While living through a tough personal and social life,
Carson would learn how to cope with these problems and better understand
himself. He would eventually become a neurosurgeon and perform the separation
of a pair of craniopagus twins.

    While growing up in Detroit, Michigan; he
lived with his mother, Sonya Carson, and his only brother, Curtis Carson. Due
to his mother being illiterate in the English language, Ben Carson would
struggle with his studies and not be able to get the tutoring he needed. In
these circumstances, Benjamin Carson and his brother started to read more books
to boost their intellectual knowledge. During his middle school years, he had
switched from his predominantly white school of Wilson Junior High School to a predominantly
black school of Hunter Junior High School. In his young adult life, Carson had
a really bad temper and he couldn’t control it. Since Carson was raised a
religious child, he would always resort to the Lord and the Bible to save him
from this “temper” of his. Eventually, he would graduate third in his class in
the primarily black high school of Southwestern High School. After high school,
he would get accepted into Yale College with a full scholarship.

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    When growing up, Carson always wanted to pursue
a career in the medical field and always wanted to become a missionary doctor.
His curiosity in the medical field had made him do further research on what he
wanted to do in life and read multiple books that would teach him everything
that he wanted to know. Eventually, in 1973, Carson entered the University of
Michigan Medical School. In 1977, he graduated the University of Michigan with
an M.D. and got accepted into the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine
neurosurgery program.

    While in the Johns Hopkins University
School of Medicine, he served one year as a surgical intern and five years as a
neurosurgery resident. Dr. Carson was an early pioneer in neurosurgery and made
many remarkable achievements. His greatest achievements include performing the
only successful separation of a pair of craniopagus twins and using
hemispherectomy techniques to control seizures in children. He completed his
final year as chief resident in 1983.

    Dr. Benjamin Carson was one of the world’s
most remarkable neurosurgeons having made him worthy of these achievements. He
was just a child growing up in a low-income family in Detroit. Carson had to go
through the struggles of everyday life such as racial discrimination and
competition among his peers. Only by understanding himself and what he wanted
to do in life, was what allowed him to perform all these operations in his
medical career.