Disability aspects of life, especially in the fields of

Disability is a wide term that covers deficiencies, movement
limitations and restrictions of a person’s daily activities.   Disability is an issue that can happen to any person
at any time which is hard to face. According to many studies and
classifications, It can be physical, sensory, psychiatric, neurological,
cognitive and intellectual. Many people with disability have multiple
disabilities. A physical disability is the most common type. No one is protected from being disabled; a new
baby can be born with blindness, a small wound can make a child paralyzed, a
lady in her 20s can be diagnosed with multiple sclerosis which is totally
invisible disease and so many other cases that can develop to be considered one
of the disabilities. Life is not as bright as it appears although
the law is there and it reflects a certain level of maturity in approaching
disability, dealing with it as a human rights matter. Consecutive Palestinian
governments have had neither the political will nor the courage to start
translating the articles of the law into real practical steps or to apply them
at the policy level through all ministries.  

The traditional approach to disabled persons still prevails and the
social stigma still characterise the attitude of the whole community. “A stigma is used by others to define a blemished person as
different from other humans, thus making them not quite human” (Titchkosky 2000, PP 203).
People with disability are still mostly isolated from society and are
considered the lowest on the traditional social ladder within the existing
patriarchal conservative societal structure. They are discriminated against in
all aspects of life, especially in the fields of education and employment. In addition to the fact that having a normal social
life is not easy. In this respect women suffer the most, being victims of
double or triple discrimination.

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According to Tanya Titchkosky, in her article titled “Disability,
The old and The New”, she mentions that “Disability as a problem is presented to people through interaction,
with the social and physical environment, and through the social production of
knowledge”.  Persons with disabilities
should be a matter of concern to others; they often face discrimination and
social barriers that affect their quality of life often more than the injury
itself. Persons with disabilities have generally poorer health, lower education
achievements, fewer economic opportunities and higher rates of poverty.


A person’s health condition can change suddenly
at any age and at any time as a result of  several causes. Changes or weakness in
walking, talking, seeing, hearing, or working 
 for any person will  have a negative effect on the essential life
functions and is said to have a disability. Palestine
should overcome all the obstacles that persons with disabilities face through systematic reforms in regulations, programs and services and
empower their life through raising awareness, education, vocational trainings,
and provision of self-employment. General assistance, Physical aids such
as elevators, hearing and vision assistance are necessary for persons with
disability to have equal access to facilities.