Despite Furever” was the number one and most shared

Despite constantly coming as number two to Apple’s Iphone, Android’s, at the time newest ad campaign, “Friends Furever” was the number one and most shared ad of 2015.  The ad received an astonishing 4 million views three days after launching; then, became the most popular ad of all time (at the time). It has garnered over 31.6 million views as of today. Android knew exactly what they were doing in creating this ad. Everyone loves a cute animal compilation video, and Google, the company that has developed Android, has the stats to prove it. By choosing a topic that is commonly viewed online and shared between many different social media platforms (animals), Android has intelligently connected their products to highly-searched internet content. This is advertising technique known as transfer, and in this case, some emotional transfer. Because of the popularity of these types of animal compilations videos, the ad has been shared all over sites such as FaceBook and YouTube. By incorporating this highly popularized, easily shareable, non-confrontational content into their campaign, Android created an opportunity to connect with a wide range of consumers. Another simple, yet effective, advertising technique that Android used in creating this commercial is the editing/music. The video is short, yet manages to incorporate many different clips without feeling like the video was cluttered. Throughout the 1:02 video, the only audible messages you receive is from Disney’s Robin Hood song, “Ooh-de-lally” – the focus is instead on the unlikely animal friends and Android’s final message, and brilliant slogan, “Be together. Not the same”. Besides the obvious “aww” value, “Friends Furever” is the ideal complement to the “Be Together. Not The Same” campaign. Explicitly, the slogan “Be together. Not the same” seems innocent enough, but Android is actually taking a subtle dig at Apple’s repetitive Iphones and their monoculture ecosystem, where things just works as long as it’s all the same. While users can customize a wide range of different things on their Android device and customers can purchase different phones running different versions of Android, such as with Samsung’s TouchWiz and HTC’s Sense. There is, however, only one iOS. It could also be seen as saying that there is a variety of hardware devices available that run Android, but there is only one company that makes the iPhone