Designer living thing. Figure 1: humans have shaped the

Designer babies refers to children that have been
genetically changed in the womb which is a place in which anything is formed or
produced to have the quality that the parents want for them. And when the scientist
looks through embryo screening they can tell what physical characteristics a
child will have when they grow and whether or not that changing this child by
genetics will be risky for him or her to have disorders because it can have an
impact on the child. Designer babies are made through invitro fertilization
where the embryo is removed from the mother and is moved in a lab to have the
quality that they want for their baby and then placed in the mother’s womb
where the baby is formed to finish the changes and the developments that they
made to the designer baby.




Humans have been able to shape the genetic sequences of a
creature for thousands of years by choosing the quality that they prefer for
the creature (the baby). Improved genetic manipulation needs scientific method
to add new DNA in a baby. The skill to change the baby’s genetic is causing
many people to talk and discuss about this, mainly when it comes to the effect
it will have on the human. Genetic manipulation is a procedure done to shape
the creature in order to have the quality that we want.

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Genetic manipulation is in meaning done to shape the baby in
order to produce the quality wanted. In the past, this was reached by selective
breeding. Selective breeding can be described in this way as an animal or plant
would be born with the quality that they want, and a farmer would breed this
plant or animal to have in result more creatures with that quality. Selective
breeding is why we have a big amount in breeds of dogs. Selective breeding is
also why we have vegetables like kale, broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage and so


As shown in this image, each of these plants was bred for
thousands of years for certain appearance, for example broccoli and cauliflower
were bred for their skill to produce flowering heads. The appearances seen in
each plant were the results of natural development genetic difference’s found
in the creature or living thing.


Figure 1: humans have shaped the genetic features in common
characyeritcs for thousands of years. A Variety of the vegetables that we might
like are a variety of the same plant.