Denise a hero is not just a male, it

Denise Andrea S. NagarProf KurokiEnglish 1B12 Dec 2017The Thematic Paradigm,” Robert Ray What is a definition of a divine true hero? A hero is a person who goes out to save people’s life everyday as their career and someone’s that they look up to, or is it just a regular person who has many devoted characteristics that a person have. A hero is a man that shows courage or ability that admired his braveries of deeds and noble qualities. Also, a hero has to be specifically be a male. What are those noble qualities?  In my opinion, a hero is not just a male, it can be a male or a female.  I believe it’s a person who is brave,  have leadership, has courage, and does something out the ordinary that an average person would not able to do. For examples, a hero is identified and showed in their communities every day, on tv,  movies, and boards.  As many people go on depth what heroes really define, one identifies that the outlaw of heroes and official heroes. Robert Ray’s article stated that “The Thematic Paradigm” has two categories that can be easily be identified. An official hero is one who has the idea of right and wrong but instead choosing to not obey the law. The outlaw heroes intentions do not mean any harm by what they are about to but at the end of the day, they operate above the law. In an outlaw hero also contain many childish qualities.  Ray stated that “The attractiveness of the outlaw hero’s childishness and propensity to whims, tantrums, and emotional decisions derived from America’s cult of childhood” (45). He explains a true hero is a person who shows the right values and traditional beliefs. Ray also explains, “In contrast to the outlaw heroes, the official hero were preeminently worldly, comfortable in society, and willing to undertake even those public duties demanding personal sacrifice” (90).  Just like in the movie I watch “Do the Right Thing”, in the movie, Mookie the main character who like in NY, where he lives in poverty. In the movies shows how kids are hungry, and adult has not job, unlike Mookie has a job. In the society, it’s hard for many African American gets a job. Mookie was not a smart kid but he manages to work hard to provide for his family. Many people look upon him as a strong independent African American man. In the scene, a black make came with his radio and did not want to turn down his radio. The moral her was that the police end up killing an African American man over nothing when he could’ve just got arrested. It shows pain and suffering to the community, but Mookie reacts to his friend’s death. He threw the trash to the window of the Pizza Parlor. Everyone in his community went to the parlor and destroyed everything. This explains how Robert’s idea of an outlaw hero and an official hero. In the movie, Mookie showed traits of  both official and outlaw hero because he showed leadership, but with a consulting violence. There is some scene that in the movie “Do the Right Thing,” Mookie shows the two type of heroes like the official and outlaw. Robert Ray explains in “The Thematic Paradigm” stated that, “In contrast to the outlaw heroes, the official heroes were preeminently worldly, comfortable in society, and willing to undertake even those public duties demanding personal sacrifice” (90). Robert explains how he takes care of the community and due to anything to protect them. In the movie, Mookie who is a protagonist shows a characteristic of an official hero. He has all the characteristic of an official hero had. In some scene, many people looked upon Mookie because he was a young black man who is growing up in a community that was not just given privilege or no respect. They have to work really hard, so they can be accepted and opportunities that would change their lives forever.  Mookie showed people the right way to go in life by simply working and deliver pizzas. As he delivered the pizzas, he always sees the same kids walking the streets, it was the group of young kids that he sees all the time and that was never in school.  Every time Mookie see the kids he always encourages them to go to school and to get a job. He was not only looked after the people but he always encouraged them to keep it strong through a life of misery and heartaches. He was not the next Martin Luther King but his characteristic shows exactly like him. This small community that did not have anything and everyone knew each other. That why many people knew Mookie and how they look upon him as their hero. This is what identify him to become an outlaw hero. When Robert Ray explains the type of heroes in “The Thematic Paradigm” he mainly pointed out on a person is either. In the movie, Mookie shows a characteristic of an official hero, however, I felt that he was also an outlaw hero.  Robert Ray states, “The attractiveness of the outlaw hero’s childishness and propensity to whims, tantrums, and emotional decisions derived from America’s cult of childhood” (44).  Mookie characteristic showed three type of heroes.  One, Mookie was involving in different relationship that shows a huge problem because many people felt like it was going against their faiths.  Mookie had a job and doing everything for himself but he did not show good role model of a  father figure for his kid.  He did spend few times with his kid but showed not enough time for him.  Mookie was not really giving enough supply and support his family. However, he might not have had the finances to give them but he manages to give them some mentally and emotionally support, this show how true hero he is.  Secondly, Mookie says a lot of bad words but if you become a leader you have to show good vocabulary and talk sense with people. If many people looked upon a person, especially a younger age, they should not say ant bad words. By having to say many bad words will show less leadership. When someone is a leader they have to show good actions and how they talk to people because a lot of people look upon them.  Finally,  Mookie act to the guy who was killed by the cop. When Raheem would not turn off his radio down.  The guy who works in the pizza parlor took his bat and breaks his radio into pieces. When everybody knew that his radio was everything to him, it was his pride and joy.  The crazy event of the guy’s radio instantly started a war. The police came and got the guy with the radio and killed him. Many people were in shocked, hurt, and got disappointed, but Mookie took actions and threw the garbage into the window of the pizza parlor. Then everyone ran into the parlor and started to destroy everything.  Mookie reaction without thinking showed leadership and labeled of an outlaw hero. He was an ideal leader so therefore whatever Mookie did everyone followed in his footsteps. Not only did they followed him and destroy the pizza parlor, but they started a war which a hero should never show violence. Robert Ray explain what an official or an official hero. He explains how in the movie can be shown both types of heroes. Like Mookie who was the main character in “Do The Right Thing” is an example of both type of official and an outlaw hero.  His characteristic shows e an official hero by becoming a leader in his community. He also demonstrated that his character is an outlaw hero. He was an official hero because he showed an example of being both types of hero. He may not be popular as Martin Luther King but he was able stands for his community. Their community was used to being in the bottom class in the society and did not have the strive to become better, so they could be labeled on the top.  Mookie shows a characteristic in himself and that made him stand out for his community.  Mookie was an outlaw hero by showing how violence he is in the movie.  He threw a garbage can to the pizza parlor and a hero should not show an identity of an ability by using acts of violence. Those are some of the issues that Robert Ray’s “The Thematic Paradigm.”CitationRobert Ray, “The Thematic Paradigm,” 2017