Conquer Adventurous roads to Ha Giang With its untouched

Conquer the spectacular landscapes of Vietnamese Highland

Vietnam is famous for its scenic highland landscapes. Read on to see the top destinations for your Vietnam Highland trips.

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As a country which mountainous terrain accounts for more than ¾ of the whole area, Vietnam is undoubtedly a great destination which enables travelers to discover the majestic beauty of mountains. The irresistible appeal of the top tourist attractions in Vietnam such as Sapa, Ha Giang, and the Central Highlands has attracted millions of travelers each year. Especially, between December and January, which is considered to be the best time to travel Vietnam, these spots are crowded with both local and foreign tourists.

1. Sapa.

Sapa is just a small town in the mountainous northwest of Vietnam but it has always been listed as one of the must-see destinations in Vietnam.

Terraced rice field in Sapa

Traveling to Sapa, tourists will stand in awe as the marvelous mountains loom in front of them. The steep hills, the colorful terraced rice fields, and the heaven-touching mountain peaks are a huge appeal to travelers. These years, due to the climate change, the winter gets bitterly cold and the temperature drops sharply. Therefore, if you come to Sapa in late December or early January, there is a likelihood of seeing snow. It is so slender a chance to see the phantom-white mountains soar into the sky in a tropical country. Especially, Fansipan peak – the summit of Indochina is crowned with a headdress of ice. However, it might be hard to get a bird’s eye view of the whole area from Fansipan as the mist is quite dense in this season.


Fansipa peak – the Summit of Indochina

Also home to many ethnic groups such as H’ Mong, Tay, and Dao, Sapa is a perfect place to explore the culture of the tribal people in Vietnam. You will get closer to the daily life of the locals by visiting the villages such as Ta Van and Cat Cat, following them to the fields, or going to the local market.

Sapa, additionally, represents a cluster of Eastern and Western culture. The town of Sapa still well preserves some typical western-style architectural works such as the Old Cathedral and many French-style villas.

2. Ha Giang.

Adventurous roads to Ha Giang

With its untouched scenery, Ha Giang is one of the most-recommended tourist attractions in Vietnam. Not only does Ha Giang possess perfect mountainous landscapes, the province also has distinctive lifestyle and cultures. More than 90% of the population is of ethnic minority groups.

Ethnic people in Ha Giang

Having remained untouched by mass tourism, Ha Giang is an enchanting place for mountain discovery. The mountain ranges soar up as if they are going to kiss the heaven. In late spring and early autumn, the region looks colorful with rice terraces, while in the winter, the mountains are capped with snow. Especially, Ma Pi Leng Pass and Happiness Road in Ha Giang are the favorite destinations of adventurous trekkers. The deep valleys, dense forests, magnificent waterfalls altogether create a majestic scenery that would leave travelers in awe.

Local market in Ha Giang

Ha Giang is renowned for its richness in cultures. You can pay a visit to some villages to explore the life of different ethnic groups such as Tay, Dao, Pu Peo, Nung, and Lo Lo. Khau Vai Love Market, Meo Vac, Sa Phin village, Ma Pi Leng Pass, and Hoang Su Phi town are the recommended places to visit. In addition, Dong Van Karst Global Geopark, with its significant geological and cultural values, is also worth visiting. The UNESCO-listed Park littered with the ethereal karst formations which are around 400 million years old will totally surprise you.

3. Central Highlands.

As its name indicates, Central Highlands is located in the Middle of Vietnam, of which more than 95% is mountainous terrain. If you are a mountain-lover, it would be a big regret if you travel to Vietnam but do not pay a visit to this beautiful regions.

Elephant ride in Central Highlands

The mountains seem to dominate the horizon whatever directions we look. They look like huge green dinosaurs which had laid down for a nap and would never wake up. Taking a deeper discovery into the jungle, you will be amazed by its scenic beauty with different types of trees and flowers and the marvelous waterfalls.

Traditional music in Central Highlands

The Central Highlands is also famous for its high-valued cultures. The ethnic people here still well maintain its traditional lifestyle as well as cultural activities. The houses on stilts, heroic epics and the Space of Gong are what appear on our minds when talking about this area. Matriarchal society can be seen in some groups such as Ede and Mnong. Especially, the traditional music of the ethnic people, with unique musical instruments such as T’rung and Klong Put, is undoubtedly a huge appeal of Central Highlands in particular and Vietnam in general. Thanks to its high cultural value, Gong Culture has been recognized as a UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage.

Dalat in morning mist

Dalat – a small city to the south of Central Highlands is one of the most favored tourist attractions in Vietnam. Regarded as “a little Paris” of Vietnam, the city has a cold climate which is exceptionally suitable for tourism. With many attractions such as Xuan Huong Lake, Valley of Love, and pine forests, Dalat possesses a poetic scenery which would make tourists love at first sight. Also, the flower festival in December makes the city even more attractive and romantic.

Naturally blessed with perfect mountainous landscapes, Vietnam is definitely a right destination for highland discovery. Do not hesitate, pack your luggage and start your trip!