Concepts and to the organisation they are working for

Concepts of Assessments

Concepts are the aspects involved
through the assessment process and will include:

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The assessor needs to be accountable to
their learners and to the organisation they are working for to ensure they are
carrying out the role of an assessor correctly. The learners should know why
they are being assessed and what they have to do to meet the assessment
criteria. The assessor will also be accountable to the awarding body if
assessing an accredited qualification along with employers if assessing within
the work place environment.


 An Assessor maybe required analysing
achievement data and comparing it to national or organisational targets.

-Assessment Strategies

Assessment strategy is to ensure the
subject is assessed in accordance with relevant guidance and regulations, to
give quality service to the learners, and maintain the reputation of an
organisation and the qualification. If assessing within the work environment,
the starting point should be the company standards to the job specifications.


Involves carrying comparing what is the
acceptable standard for a particular subject against the current position of
your own learner’s performance. By using benchmarking data can help target
setting for the learners. If they do not achieve the benchmark, an evaluation
will need to take place and improvements be implemented.


All aspects of the assessment cycle
should be evaluated on an ongoing basis and feedback obtained from all

-Internally or Externally

 devised assessment methods Internally devised
assessments can be assignments, projects or questions which would normally be
marked by the assessor. Externally devised assessments such as exams would be
marked by the awarding body.


Should be taken into account when assessing
learners. Progression should always be discussed with leaners to ensure that
they are on the right route and are capable of achieving.


The assessor needs to ensure that
everyone who is involved with the assessment process clearly understands what
is expected. This includes the assessment requirements.

Principles of Assessment

Principles are functions which are based
on the concepts, for example how the assessment process is put into practice.

One of the important principles of
assessment is known as VACSR. As an assessor I need to ensure that the
assessment is:

-Valid – the work is relevant to the
assessment criteria

-Authentic – the work has been procedure
by the learner

-Current – the work is still relevant at
the time of assessment

-Sufficient – the work covers all the
assessment criteria

-Reliable – the work is consistent
across all learners