Computer as open to seek help in the same

games leave children with ‘dementia’ warns top neurologist

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article claims that that video games can be highly addictive. Due to the fact
that there is constant arousal it leads to these activities to become highly
addictive. In this article, it talks about the theory, but no research to
support the claim. She talks about the connection between screen technology,
and brain degeneration, yet she also points out that it is just as likely for
these video games to spark creativity. This claim can easily be supported by
relevant psychological research. In order to support, and falsify this claim we
would need to conduct an experiment. The article claims that the symptoms of
playing video games for such prolonged hours could include shortened attention
span, and a tendency for reckless behavior. My suggestion would be to conduct
an experiment with three groups of children. 
Group A would not play any video games at all. Group B would play video
games that are more educational based (such as word play), and group C would
play any video game of their choosing. Over time we would monitor these groups
and constantly test them on their memories and behavior to see if the claim
being made is plausible.


epidemic of female sex addicts is being created through the rise of
women-friendly porn, sexologist warns

Throughout the
years we’ve seen many articles, and studies conducted on the addictive nature
of porn for men. Yet this article is making the claim that now women suffer
from porn addiction as well. This article spoke about the anonymous online surveys
that a variety of women have participated in, that have admitted to being
addicted to porn. The relationship between the two is not widely explored, but
they are certainly related. Since “women-friendly” porn has been introduced to
the market, there has been a rise in the viewership of women; however as the
article states where most men seek out help in clinics to resolve such an
addiction, women are not as open to seek help in the same settings for such
problems. Compared to the last article this article has more research
supporting its claim, yet not enough. Women feel more comfortable seeking out
help from online communities, and that’s how the claim was supported. We could
possibly conduct an experiment in which the participants all watch
“women-friendly” porn, and if a prevalent number of them end up having a higher
frequency of watched videos, then we might speculate that there is a strong
causation between the two.