Components has a reset button. Its software supported by




Arduino  UNO

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fig.  Arduino-UNO


The Arduino Uno is a microcontroller board which has ATmega328
from the AVR family. There are 14 digital input/output pins, 6 Analog pins, a
16 MHz ceramic resonator, USB connection, power jack, and also has a reset
button. Its software supported by a number of libraries that makes the
programming easier.




 This sensor is used to
measure the distance. It transmits ultrasonic waves and receives the reflected
waves and measures the distance to the target by computing the time between the
emission and reception. It has 4 pins TRIG, ECHO, GND & VCC. It emits the
ultrasonic waves through the trig pin and receives the waves through echo pin
when the waves get reflected back from the target.

For measuring the distance :

Distance= ½(speed
of sound * time taken)




IR Sensor:

sensors are used for object detection, edge detection etc. It has IR emitter
LED for emission and an IR Photodiode for detection. It works on the principle
that when there is any object then the waves reflects back and hence the object
is detected by it.






A simple DC motor is used for the motion
of the machine. It converts the electrical energy to the mechanical energy and
is connected with the wheels of the cleaner to move it in all directions. Other
motors are stepper motor, servo etc. DC motors are available as brushed as well
as brushless.

fig . DC MOTOR




L293D is a Motor Driver IC which is used
to connect the motor with the microcontroller and provide them sufficient
voltage supply. L293D has 16-pins in which 4 are input pins, 4 are output pins,
2 are enable pin, 4 GND pins and 2 pins for power supply. It is used to control
two DC motors simultaneously to rotate in any direction. It works according to
the concept of H-bridge. The voltage has to change its direction to rotate the
motor in clockwise or anticlockwise direction. We can’t connect the motors
directly to the microcontroller as it will only provide 5V which is not
sufficient to run the motors, so we have to use motor driver IC L293D.








It is the invisible light that is present
on the outer side of violet rays in the spectrum. Thus called ultraviolet
light. It has wavelength between 100nm and 400nm. UV rays are efficient in
killing the germs and thus this UV lamp can be used for the sterilization



fig: UV LAMP












fig: Block Diagram



          Automatic floor cleaner is an autonomous robotic machine that helps the
user in cleaning their places. Arduino microcontroller is used for the
processing and connection of different components like sensors, motors, another
IC (L293D) etc. It uses IR sensor and ultrasonic sensors for the detection of
objects and distance and the Arduino gives the signals to the motors to take
turn according to the position. For sweeping, it makes the use of brushes and
vacuum pump and provides wet cleaning via the combination of water sprinkler
and roller. At last, it also kills the germs of the floor via UV lamp present
at the tail end of the machine.