Company of 65, Hans Berger was made Professor Emeritus

Company name: The New York Times Article name: Toxicology and its technologies,Electroencephalography (EEG).Date: January 17, 2018 By: Ryan NguyenAbout Forensics Toxicology     Forensic Toxicology is a type of forensic science that involved in the study of toxic substances or poisons. Forensics Toxicology includes theoretical consideration, methods and procedures from a variety of disciplines involving analytical chemistry, biochemistry, epidemiology, pharmacodynamics, pathology and physiology. So Toxicology is technically a study of poisons and toxic substances, how toxins work and what happens when their harmful effects occur. Also includes identifying the substances involved. The Technology in Toxicology, Electroencephalography (EEG).The electroencephalography (EEG) was discovered by a German-born psychiatrist (a medical practitioner specializing in the diagnosis and treatment of mental illness) Hans Georg Berger in 1924 and published his first paper about the EEG machine in 1929. The EEG machine was invented because of Hans Berger wanting to improve on the medical technology back then.  at the retirement age of 65, Hans Berger was made Professor Emeritus in Psychology. As specified by  biographers Niedermeyer and Lopes da Silva, the appointment occurred in an brief manner as his relationship with the Nazi government was notably tight. Various sources report that, given their opposed relationship, the Nazis forced Berger into retirement that same year with a complete ban of any further work on EEG. These biographical accounts were disprove in 2005 by Ernst Klee, a German journalist specializing in the exposure and documentation of Nazi medical crimes. In 2005, Dr Susanne Zimmermann, medical historian at the University of Jena, found evidence that Berger had not been forced into retirement but had “served on the selection committee for his successor” Berthold Kuhn, who was sacked as a Nazi after the war. Moreover, official records at the University of Jena dating from the 1930s proved that Berger had served on the Erbgesundheitsgericht (Court for Genetic Health) that enforce sterilizations while his diaries contained biased comments. encephalogram is a test used to evaluates the brain’s electrical activity.  A EEG machine is used for tracking and recording our brain waves pattern. The EEG machine work because it can detect something call a electrical impulses which is one brain cells used to communicates with each other, EEG can potentials problems by analyzing the electrical  impulses. Now in modern days Toxicologist uses these to analyzed and inspects the brain to recognize any poisons or toxic substances inside the brain by analyzing the brain wave that the EEG machine recorded.