Collaboration productive way of doing things(Admin, n.d.). Collaboration in

Collaboration in the organization is when two or more people (frequently groups) task together through knowledge distribution and rational to achieve a common goal. It is commonly group work occupied to a higher level. Group work is regularly a physical assembly of two people or a team to achieve a duty. Today`s a digital community and ICT infrastructure has implemented collaboration culture in modern organization. ICT age, productive collaboration is progressively accomplished via the computerized workplace.  That are high-speed Internet, web-based different ICT tools, file sharing in google drive, chat and video-conferencing without any other software using straight in browser, collaboration has converted a more productive way of doing things(Admin, n.d.).   Collaboration in the organization integrates group work and several other aspects, that are team work to suggest diverse views and knowledge to solve for mutual problems. Collaborating can open communication and inspire concepts from all levels of the organization that means it brings equal participation in all hierarchy structure (Admin, n.d.). 

Advantage of collaboration in the organization in different department that are sharing concepts and information, better division of work, minimize expense cost and resource, enhanced organization services and problems solves.  Collaborating in the workplace permits organizations to creativities in a more effective way. With various departments intricate, task can be spread more regularly and effectively (“What Is Collaboration in the Workplace?,” n.d.).

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“Collaborative Decision Making: The management of all Organization should participate all staff at all levels inside the Organization to involves in the decision making of an Organization. The core of this is to carry all personnel along and also to have clear view and understanding of all situations in the internal and external environment” (“ANASTASIA DOC.pdf,” n.d.).


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