Cole of a tall chimney into the black sky.”

Cole SoroskyU.S. HistoryMrs. MarksJanuary 22, 2018Night and Darkness Essay Topic Sentence Throughout the book one of the main symbols is night. In the book there are many cases of literal and symbolic meanings of night. The theme, night refers to death, the loss of hope, and darkness of the soul. Most importantly at night their situation and hope is at its worst. Since, darkness symbolizes evil and the fact that Eliezer’s worst days in the camps took place over the winter. This means that a majority of their time spent of the camps in 1944 and 1945 was spent in the dark during long winter nights. Three Examples Conclusion Sentence Topic Sentence One example of when night was bad was when all of the Jews are in the train car and they work up because Mrs. Schächter was screaming. She had a vision of a huge fire and death. Eliezer realized that she just had a vision while she was sleeping and was hallucinating. A few minutes later the other jews started to scream and the fire was visible, and Mrs. Schächter became silent. As the train stopped, we saw this time that flames were gushing out of a tall chimney into the black sky” (Wiesel 28). This shows that during the night bad thing happen and that nothing seems to be going right. Later everyone realizes that people were being killed in the fire and that the was death all around. Conclusion Sentence. As the train stopped, we saw this time that flames were gushing out of a tall chimney into the black sky.” Another example is when Eliezer and his dad come to Auschwitz and see the factory smoke. They then had to wait in a line all night with the smell of death around them. A few nights later soup was for dinner and it tasted like corpses. Most importantly when Eliezer’s dad dies Eliezer says to himself “The days were like nights, and the nights left the dregs of their darkness in our souls” In this instance night is used as a metaphor for the way the soul was suffering and was hopeless. When Eliezer’s Dad dies he also says “I knew that I was no longer arguing with him but with Death itself, with Death that he had already chosen him” (pg. 105). A similar image is provided by the scene where truckloads of children are sacrificed in a fiery ditch. The flaming corpses light up the night sky at Birkenau. What literal and symbolic meanings does “night” have in the book? Give at least three meanings. Think about why the book is appropriately titled. Examples of when night was bad and page numbersOn the train pg. 28 (25-28)Babies in fire arrive in auschwitz and smell of death all around and soup like corpsesWhen Eliezer’s dad dies